Thursday, 23 April 2015

What happens in the bedroom....

I'm kind of wondering how many people, having read the title of this post, will think I'm about to blog about something really not blog appropriate, ha ha! Get your minds out of the gutter, people, this isn't that type of blog!

My morning routine goes something like this - I get up, Caleb and I exercise (yep, he joins in, it's the cutest thing ever! He uses his little xylophone beaters as his weights and uses a tea towel as his exercise mat!), we have breakfast, I get Levi up and feed him, we shower / bath and then Levi sleeps and Caleb plays while I get ready. Somewhere within that process, I will have made the bed and yet, by the time I have finished getting ready, the bed will be a complete mess again with the pillows all over the floor and the duvet piled in a heap in the middle of the bed. Many a time if you were in my home you would hear me utter, "Caleb! I have JUST made the bed!". The other day I was putting on my make up and he unmade the bed. Then he went into his room, got his cuddly toys and came back with them. He tucked them into the bed, said prayers with them and said goodnight to them, he made them climb over the duvet like it's a mountain, he hid under the duvet and we played, "where's Caleb gone?" and then he would laugh hysterically whenever I would jump at him jumping out from underneath.

One of his favourite uses for my bed is as a trampoline. He will show me his star jumps and his seat drops, all the while telling me what he is doing. Sometimes he will just lay down in my bed and play CBeebies games on the tablet. If Levi is restless, he will come in to join the party and Caleb will talk to him or make sure he is comfortable. It's at times like these when I realise that - although it can be a little annoying to make the bed multiple times a day - Caleb wants to be with me. I may be doing my hair or my make up which is of no interest to him so he plays around in the room while I do it but all the time, he's with me. And to him, the bed is so much more than just a bed, it's like his own little playground and he is having so much fun with it, he has such a great imagination ans I love hearing some of the things he comes out with. In September, he will be starting pre-school and we won't have time in the morning to play around in our room like that so I just need to treasure these moments and enjoy them while they last!

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