Monday, 7 September 2015

He started preschool!

On Friday, Caleb actually started preschool. I had started looking into them last summer as I wanted to find him one that I would be happy with and one that would be a good fit for him. I had contacted the one that he has now started at and at the time they had no spaces. Apparently, people put their baby's names down on waiting lists as soon as they are born. I had no idea that people did that! However a few months ago they came back to me and said that they had a space so we went along to visit. As soon as we went there I knew that it would be a perfect preschool for Caleb.

All of last week I was feeling slightly nervous. How ridiculous is that?! I used to get a bit nervous about starting school again after the holidays, exams, job interviews and starting a new job. Once I stopped working and became a stay at home Mum I thought that my time for being nervous about things was over. Little did I know that I would still get nervous every time Seth had an exam or anything to do with my own children! I felt a bit emotional all week too - how could my little baby now be old enough to start preschool?! It just doesn't seem right!

Seth, being the wonderful husband that he is, said that he would work from home on Friday so that he would come with us to take Caleb to preschool in the morning. Caleb was so excited when he woke up that morning and realised that it was Friday and so he would be going to preschool. I had been talking about it a while in advance as I didn't want it to come as a shock to him but that also meant that he was mentioning it every five minutes, he was so excited about going! That morning between when we got up and when we left, he seemed to do a million cute things as well, as if it wasn't going to be hard enough to take him to preschool! He just had to make himself as adorable as possible, ha! At one point, he was standing in the hallway wearing nothing but a vest, pants and wellies and he was cuddling his muslin (his comforter of choice!). He just looked so sweet and it was a reminder to me that he is still my baby!

The drive to preschool took about 10 minutes and he was fine all the way there, chatting away happily. As we walked to the preschool gate, he held my hand and kept kissing it, he is so lovely. He looked a bit apprehensive when we were standing, waiting to go in but to be honest, I think he just zoned out for a minute or two because once he snapped out of it, he was bouncing again!

When we got into the entrance, we changed him into his indoor shoes, hung up his jacket and his bag and he was through that door as quick as anything! I had to call him back to say goodbye as I wasn't sure if he actually realised that I was leaving! It turns out that he did and he was fine with it, ha ha! So, with that, we went back to the car and headed home! I am feeling pretty proud of myself because although I welled up a bit, I didn't actually cry. I think it helped having Seth with me as well.

I am actually writing this post while Caleb is at preschool today and once again, he just headed in there with no problems at all. I am so proud of how well he has adjusted and how happy he is just to get on with things, I should have known that he would be fine. I am pretty sure it's just a typical Mum thing to be worried about our children and I am pretty sure that will always be the case!
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