Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Who doesn't love a wedding?

Am I the only one who loves weddings? Not just going to them but pretty much everything surrounding a wedding. I think I missed my calling in life to be a wedding planner, ha ha! Although having said that, I'm not sure how well I would deal with some of the bridezillas you can come across! I always quite liked the idea of working in a bridal shop but when I was single I really didn't want to do that because seriously, would that not just scare off any potential suitor??! But anyway, I digress.....Seth's big sister Sarah got married at the beginning of April and it was just lovely!

Everything about the day was perfect (aside from Caleb running off during the photos, us looking everywhere for him and some random woman walking him BACK INTO the chapel grounds because he had run out of the gate and was dancing around down by the very busy main road.....I nearly had a heart attack!). It was a small wedding with just family and a couple of Sarah and Lee's friends, so it felt really intimate, it was really nice. I was playing the piano so I had a perfect view of everything from where I sat! She looked stunning in her beautiful dress and she was beaming the whole time. Here are a few of the photos from the day....

How cute do my boys look? I don't think Caleb and Levi were that comfortable in their waistcoats but they looked so cute so they had to endure it, ha!

The happy couple!

Sarah and Lee, and Sarah's family. Her brother James and his wife Natalie live in California and couldn't make it over for the wedding so they are missing from these pics!

Anyone who knows Sarah knows she likes her sweets :). The bride complete with her lollipop, a new bridal accessory!

Sarah, the sisters and sisters in law (minus Natalie!)

Caleb looks so cute here with his little untucked shirt. This was taken just after he had run off!

During the reception, Caleb once again went off. We found him outside the reception room, sitting by the bar! It's always hard to discipline when you're trying not to laugh! The other picture is of him walking into the venue hand in hand with Luke, his Uncle. I thought it was such a cute picture of them both!

Caleb and his Grandad                                    Levi looking dapper!

It was such a lovely day, celebrating with all of the family and so great to see Sarah and Lee so happy, those two both deserve it!

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Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Time with Daddy!

As some of you may know and as I am sure I have mentioned on here more than a few times, Seth works pretty long hours and he has also been studying for exams so we have not been able to spend that much time together. Sundays are always nice because it's the one time he's not working or studying so after church we get to hang out together as a family.

A few weekends ago, (I know, I am more than slightly behind on my blogging.....), it was a beautiful sunny day so we decided to take advantage of it and we went to a country park just to hang out and play. Caleb and Seth were playing football whilst Levi and I sat and watched and soaked up the sun! Then Levi got restless and wanted to join in so Seth had him as well. It was so lovely watching them all playing together, it made my Mum heart swell! I know that the boys miss spending time with Seth so it always makes the time they have with him extra special. Plus, it makes us try to actually do decent things so that we are spending quality time together. Caleb kept kicking the ball down a hill so that Seth would have to run after it. He was laughing so hard, it was just the funniest thing in the world to his little 3 year old self!

Caleb and Seth then went into the trees and Levi and I were waiting for ages for them to come back. They didn't. When I took a closer look I saw them through the trees just sitting on a bench and chatting! Obviously I had to try and capture it because it just looked so cute!

They then decided to go on a bear hunt / gruffalo hunt which involved walking over big piles of logs and kicking their way through lots of leaves. It was such a small thing but it made me so happy to see the joy that Caleb got from it. 

I love spending time together with these boys!

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