Friday, 7 September 2012


Well, hello there! It has been a little while since I have updated the blog, looking after a baby is actually pretty time consuming so it seems! I had fully intended on keeping it updated regularly but then Caleb will go and do something like fall asleep in my arms and at times like that I decide to just treasure the moment and the blog and pretty much everything else can wait! Caleb is really rather lovely though, we love him to bits. He is seven weeks old today and the time seems to have gone by so quickly!

The past few weeks have been pretty busy and full. Seth was on paternity leave and he also took two weeks holiday so he was off for a month with Caleb and I which was lovely. During that time Caleb went into London for the first time with us and experienced the underground for the first time. He cried the entire time he was on it, I don't think he was a huge fan! We also went to the Harry Potter experience, which is a behind the scenes thing at the Warner Brothers studio. I had bought Seth tickets for it for his Birthday way back in June and so we finally went. We had a really good time.

Seth playing in the Weasley's car
Seth and Caleb outside No. 4 Privet Drive
Walking along Diagon alley
Hogwarts! I took way too many pictures here!

We have had quite a few visits from various family members since Caleb was born. Mum and Laura have been the most regular visitors. A couple of weeks ago they came down to stay with us for the week. The plan was for Mum to stay for the week (it was thr first week that Seth went back to work and I didn't want to be on my own!) and Laura was just going to be with us on the Monday before heading back up to Liverpool. She ended up changing her train ticket twice and staying for the whole week, which I was thrilled about! Mum and Laura had a great time with Caleb, they both absolutely love him and they were fighting over who would push the pram when we were out and about, it was pretty funny!

Laura wearing my nursing cover as her new headwear!
On Bank Holiday Monday, Seth and I decided to take a trip to Dover, as we had never been there before. We didn't do the white cliffs tour while we were there although we are planning on visiting again and exploring properly. We spent our time walking along the seafront. It's a really nice place, we enjoyed being there. Caleb slept the whole time, but I'm sure he enjoyed it in his own way.

Did I mention that we are in the process of buying a flat? We are in the process of buying a flat. It feels like a very grown up thing to do! I don't really feel old enough but then, I don't feel old enough to be a Mum either! The whole getting on the property ladder thing isn't as straightforward as we would like it to be and we're hoping that everything goes through smoothly! It also coincides with our landlord selling the property that we are currently renting so we are really hoping that the dates all tie up so we are not left homeless! We're looking forward to being homeowners and to make our little home our own.

Well, that's the past few weeks in a nutshell! We are enjoying life and enjoying our baby boy. Life is good!