Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hello and goodbye

I haven't posted in a few weeks. I've been having a love-hate relationship with blogger after I took ages writing two blog posts about things that were pretty close to my heart and then although I saved them, they just completely disappeared! It was pretty annoying but I came to the conclusion that maybe I just wasn't meant to post them after all!

I'm here with a little Caleb update. That boy is so wonderful, he is 2 years and 2 months old now and he makes me laugh every day. He is so funny and he knows when he is being funny as well. He talks ALL the time, to anyone and everyone, including his toys. He loves saying hello and goodbye to them and he speaks with so much feeling that you would think that he is actually talking to a person. Whenever we leave the house or when I'm putting Caleb down for a nap or to bed, he takes time to say goodbye to each and every toy that is visible to him at the time. I'm well aware that this is a stalling tactic when it comes to going to bed but it is so adorable that I can't help but smile. The dialogue goes something like this:

"goodnight big bus, I love you. Kiss? (picks the bus up and gives it a kiss). I love you, see you tomorrow. Take care. Goodnight tractor, sleep well", and so on. I really know when he's stalling because then he starts to say goodnight to the TV, to the stairgate and to the mirror on the way to his bedroom.

I think I've mentioned on here before how much Caleb loves his music. We've been in the car quite a bit recently doing various things and so the radio has been on. I am a bad Mum and I don't put on a nice "the wheels on the bus" CD or something like that for him, but he doesn't seem to mind as he absolutely loves the songs on the radio! Needless to say, I have to pay attention to what actually comes on because there are some things I really don't want coming out of my 2 year old son's little mouth when he sings along. We were listening to "Rather Be" by Clean Bandit the other day in the car (his request) and he was totally rocking out to it, his little hands and feet were pumping and he was nodding his head vigorously in time to the music as he was singing at the top of his lungs, "no no no, no place I'd rather be". I know when he's really into it as well because his little eyebrows furrow and his nostrils flare, it's the cutest thing. He also knows all of the words to "Rude", which is still his absolute favourite song at the moment.

As I know I have said before, I do miss him being a baby but I love seeing all of the new things he is doing and seeing his little character develop, he's my little bestie!
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