Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Now that our little boy is here, there is quite a lot to get used to as new parents. It's funny, we had nine months to prepare for having a baby and yet now, it feels like there was nothing that could prepare us for him! It's overwhelming and exciting all at the same time and I feel like I have gone through every emotion possible in the last 3 weeks and 4 days! But I thought that I would fill you in on a few little details to do with our little Caleb.

He is very thin and long, and he has long arms and legs. He often startles himself and his arms shoot out which really makes Seth and I laugh as he looks like he is trying to conduct. He loves his hands and he is always putting them in his mouth but he hasn't quite figured out the fact that he is the one responsible for knocking his dummy out of his mouth, he still needs to learn some coordination! Caleb is ridiculously strong, especially considering that he is only 6lb 3oz, I think he may be a bit of a handful when he is a bit older as he seems to have his own mind already! For the first few days after he was born, I called him my little goopy eye, as his eyes were, needless to say, always goopy. I no longer call him this as his eyes are better since his tear ducts properly formed. I also call him my snuffly piggy as his nose is quite often blocked. Seth keeps telling me not to call him these names in case they stick! Hi has the cutest little smile and although I know it's wind, he still looks adorable. He looks a lot more like Seth than me and everyone who has seen him says the same, except for the young guy on the tube the other day who tapped me on the shoulder to tell me that Caleb looks exactly like me. He is the only one who seems to think so though! Caleb has really long feet, even though he's such a small baby, so we think he is going to be a swimmer. I think we both get a bit frustrated when he cries a lot as we feel like we should know what the matter is and I wish that he could communicate to us somehow so that we could make it better. We check to see if he is too hot, too cold, if he needs changing, etc. but as I have been told many times, sometimes babies just cry!

As I said before, I don't think that anything could have prepared me for Caleb and how much our lives would completely change but we adore the new addition to our little family!


  1. Oh this is lovely - the post AND the photo. I really resent living so far away from you right now! I'd love to be just around the corner, meeting up with our littlies, looking after Caleb while you pop to the shops, hanging out at the park...

  2. This is such a beautiful photo. You all look absolutely perfect.