Thursday, 19 September 2013

Daddy and son time

I always love seeing my boys together. They love spending time with each other and weekends are really so precious. During the week Seth leaves for work at 7am before Caleb is up and for the most part by the time he gets home, Caleb is already in bed. Seth gets to see him every day though as we always go in and check on him before we go to bed (when I say "check on him", he's always fine, it's really just an opportunity for us to go and stare at our beautiful boy!). For Caleb however, he has to wait until the weekends to hang out with his Daddy! He loves the weekends, I love seeing his little face when Seth walks into his room on a Saturday morning, he gets so excited and jumps up and down in his cot. He has so much fun with his Daddy, there is always plenty of laughter whenever they are together.


  1. These photos are absolutely FANTASTIC. Caleb loves being with his Daddy. They both look so happy and enjoying their time together. ....Wonderful.

  2. It's the BEST seeing our babes and husbands play together! No one can get Mia to light up quite like her daddy does :)