Monday, 11 November 2013


My poor little Caleb hasn't been feeling too great over the last couple of days. Anyone who knows him knows that he is usually so full of energy and he just never stops, so it's horrible to see him when he's not feeling that great. We're pretty sure that he's teething and that's what has been causing the temperature and him just generally feeling rubbish.

I hate that he has been feeling so unwell but Seth and I have loved being able to look after him and cuddle him. On Sunday while I went to church, Seth and Caleb stayed at home and cuddled on the sofa watching disney films. Caleb was more than happy to sit there the whole time just being with his Daddy. In the evening, although he perked up he still wanted to be close to us and he sat on my lap while we looked at books. He fell asleep in my arms as I was giving him his milk before bed and I must say, I kind of indulged myself by not putting him to bed straight away and just holding him in my arms for a little while. I was saying to Seth that it's funny how much more protective I feel over Caleb when he's unwell and seems so vulnerable. I'd much rather he felt better soon and be full of energy again than him be in an unwell and cuddly state, but whilst he is like that, I am enjoying the cuddles with my beautiful boy.


  1. It was so good for him to have his precious mummy and daddy with him. Poor little Caleb, I hope he gets better soon. He is just so gorgeous and I love him soooo much.xx

  2. Oh I totally get it!! First Mia was teething, then an ear infection, and now? I think she has a cold. UGH! But gosh, the extra snuggle are SO nice! Once she became mobile she didn't have time to cuddle or fall asleep in my arms, ha!
    But I hope Caleb gets better asap!!