Thursday, 13 November 2014

Recent moments

It's no secret that I think that Caleb is pretty amazing. Yes, he can drive me mad sometimes but I adore him and I love being able to spend my days with him. There have been so many cute things that he has said and done recently that I just have to document them! I do write a journal as well, so this post is mainly for my family who like to be kept up to date with the little things!

Caleb's language has just exploded recently. I can pretty much have a proper conversation with him and he will speak in full sentences. He absolutely loves helping out with any jobs around the house and when I am dusting, I need to give him a duster too so that he can help. One task that I absolutely can't do on my own is put the washing into the washing machine. Caleb will help me sort the lights and darks then helps me carry the basket to the kitchen. He then grabs armfuls or washing and puts it into the machine. And....get this.... he even knows which buttons to press to make it work and to put it on the right setting. I just supervise now just in case he presses the wrong buttons. The other day when we were doing the washing, I gave him his coat to put into the washing machine. He held it in is hands and looked at it, confused, then looked up at me and said, "but I need my coat, Mummy". He just sounded so cute! I explained to him he could just wear another jacket that day and he was satisfied with that answer. Once the washing machine had actually started, he knelt down on the floor, kissed the washing machine door and said, "good boy, washing machine, I'm so proud of you!". He makes me laugh so much, I love the things that come out of his mouth.

Recently, I have been trying to teach Caleb about Remembrance Day. I know he's only two and a lot of people might say that it's too young to teach him about things like that but you never know what sinks in so I try anyway! He was playing with my poppy the other day and I asked him why we wear poppies. He responded, "to remember people who died for our freedom". It's what I had told him before but it was so cute that he could remember it, even if it doesn't really mean much to him at the moment. Something must have gone in though because we had our own little two minute silence at home on 11th November at 11am and he was silent for the whole thing. For anyone who knows Caleb, they will know what a big deal that is for a little boy who talks non-stop!

Caleb is obsessed with photos and especially selfies. He knows how to work the camera on my phone and he uses it a lot. I often find these random photos of him on there that he has taken. Whenever he does something that he knows is cute or funny, he tells me to "take a smile". I always oblige because usually he is right, it is pretty cute or funny and such moments definitely need to be documented!

Caleb is incredible with letters and numbers. People who have heard him count to 20 are always really impressed and comment on how well I have taught him. As much as I would like to take the credit, I haven't actually done anything, he just seems to have an amazing memory and he remembers these things! His love of letters is more recent. For his Birthday in July, my Mum bought him a little leap pad laptop which says the names of the letters, pronounces them phonetically and then says a word to go along with it. Caleb loves playing with it (he especially loves the V for vulture for some reason!) and now he points out letters everywhere we go! There's a game he plays on my phone where there is a picture of something, a choice of letters and he has to drag the right letter to the right word. Caleb used to get so frustrated playing that game but now that he is better with letters, he will say to me, "Mummy help you" and show me the picture. I will tell him what the word is and sound it out and then he will spell it with the letters in the right order. He will sometimes do it wrong on purpose and laugh like it's the funniest thing in the world.

Caleb loves babies! Which is just as well as he's getting one in a couple of months! My friend Emma has recently had a baby and whenever I hold her, Caleb makes a beeline for her. He loves stroking her hair and fingers and he is so gentle. He looks at her in awe, like she is the most amazing thing he has ever seen. I'm hoping that it bodes well for when his little sibling comes along although I'm not sure how he will take to its constant presence in our home!

One of the things he has started to do recently is so adorable and I love it when he does it. When he is walking along beside me, if my hand is on his shoulder, he will put his arm around my leg and walk like that. It makes my heart melt every time.

This is a ridiculously long post on Caleb but be grateful, it could have been longer! He does so many new things each day that I am starting to struggle to remember them all and I have to write them down somewhere straight away so that I don't forget about them. I am so grateful that he is ours.

(Gushing Mum post over)

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  1. That boy is so deliciously cute! I love that he praises the washing machine!

  2. Oh my Kirsty. This blog brings tears to my eyes . It reminds me of the times when I have been in your home and seen and heard all of these things. He is a wonderful,..intelligent little boy and I love him sooooo much. You and Seth are wonderful parents . I am just so proud of you !! (Caleb's words) xx

  3. Oh be still my heart!! Seriously, it could burst reading that post! He is such a sweet heart! and this really makes me excited for the silly things that Mia will say as she learns to talk more!