Friday, 13 February 2015

The first month

Our lovely little Levi (I hope anyone reading this - assuming anyone other than Mum reads this - appreciates my use of alliteration!) is a month old today. I guess that means that he's not a newborn anymore, doesn't it? I don't like that, I am completely in denial about it. Seriously, how has a month gone by already?! In some ways, it feels like Levi has been a part of our family forever, he just fits right in but in other ways, it feels like he was just born yesterday. I am trying to soak up every moment and enjoy him being a tiny baby while it lasts, I just want to keep him as a little baby forever!

As some people may know, Caleb (bless his heart!) wasn't the easiest baby! It wasn't his fault at all, he suffered a lot from colic and reflux and was on all sorts of medication pretty much from when he was a week old. Plus, he just didn't gain weight so there was quite a lot of stress and worry, not to mention the fact that he was my first baby and I had no idea what I was doing with him. From about two months onwards, he started to gain weight and was just the happiest, most lovely little one. Because of his rough start,  was slightly apprehensive as to how everything with Levi would be. I really had no need to worry at all, he is the most chilled out baby! He spends a lot of time sleeping and when he's awake, he's just happy! He doesn't cry much at all and when he does, he just wants to be fed or cuddled. It also helps a lot that he's my second baby so I think I feel so much more confident in my ability as a mum and in knowing what I am doing so I'm able to be a lot more relaxed about everything.

When I had Caleb, I didn't have the best experience with health visitors or midwives. In hindsight, I don't know how much of it was bad experience and how much of it was just me being tired and suffering after having had a bad labour and delivery and no energy whatsoever due to really low iron levels. This time around, the midwives and health visitors have been amazing, they have been so supportive and my experience couldn't have been better, I feel so blessed that everything has gone so smoothly.

When I was pregnant with Levi, we told Caleb that Mummy had a baby in her tummy and then from about 8 months pregnant onwards, we told him that the baby would be coming to live at our house with us and he and Caleb would be really good friends. We just wanted to try and prepare him for it as best as we could. From the moment Levi got home from hospital, Caleb has been just amazing with him. Every morning when I get Caleb from his room, he asks where Levi is. He gives him lots of hugs and kisses but he doesn't smother him, he is still more than happy to do his own thing, he'll just come over every now and then to ask if he can hold Levi, or he will just randomly walk over, kiss his head and say, "I love you, Levi". He makes funny noises to try and make Levi laugh and he will tickle his feet when he's falling asleep feeding to wake him up. It melts my heart to see them together, I am so proud of Caleb and how well he is handling it all, I hope that he continues to adore Levi as much as he seems to now!

Seth was off on paternity leave for two weeks and he took a week off as holiday as well, so we had a lovely time, all being together as a family of 4! I pretty much thought the world would end once he went back to work but it turns out that I can actually handle two children. Not that brilliantly, admittedly (ha! And by that I mean that I struggle to get us all ready for the day before midday and it now takes me about 20 minutes to get ready to leave the house. Gone are the days of just grabbing my purse and leaving!), but in all fairness to me, it's only been a month, it may take me a little while to find my feet! I think I've learnt from the first time around not to expect too much of myself and to just try and go with it and so far it seems to be working. I love being a Mum of two boys, I think they're pretty amazing.
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  1. Ah Kirsty I am so happy for you all! You have a wonderful family and you make such a good mum!

  2. They ARE pretty amazing. I love your boys. And you are pretty amazing too! I love how things have just worked out perfectly - even to you getting a night's sleep!

  3. Oh my Kirsty . This blog is wonderful. You are such an excellent Mum and you have two absolutely gorgeous boys. I loved being there to see you all and how amazing Caleb is with Levi.

  4. 3 whole weeks together?! That is heaven! So glad Seth was able to have that time with you all to bond as a family of 4! Yay, I'm so glad Levi is such an easy going babe! You make it sound like the second time is much easier!! Definitely hoping that rings true for us!

  5. Okay, that onezie is adorable together! I die! haha