Thursday, 13 October 2011

Our Northern Trip

The October fun continues! We seem to have quite a lot going on this month. This weekend, we headed up north for the wedding of two of our good friends, Angela and Enwin.We planned on leaving as soon as we got home from work on Friday night. Everything was going well, we got everything packed and loaded into the car and had started to pull away when Seth remembered that he hadn't checked the oil. We stopped so that he could do that but then had a slight problem when the bonnet wouldn't close. I was a bit worried that it was completely broken and that we wouldn't be able to go. Travelling along a motorway at 70mph (Seth was driving, it would have been faster otherwise!) with a broken bonnet wouldn't have been the best thing in the world. However, Seth managed to fix it and I took photos of him in the mean time. I am such a helpful wife!

            This was Seth oiling the catch so the bonnet would close.
                                              It worked!

We thought that as we were going up north for the wedding anyway, we would combine it with a visit to see Laura in Liverpool and we stayed with her on Friday and Saturday night. It's the first time that Seth and I had seen her new place and it is lovely! It is very Laura, a nice penthouse apartment in the centre of Liverpool. Yes please!

                                   My favourite view......
                                       The view as you look to the right......

Even though we arrived pretty late (the photos above were taken the next morning, in case you were wondering why it's still daylight), we still stayed up chatting for a while which was lovely. As it was getting later and we started to think about getting ready for bed, we pulled out the inflatable mattress which was purchased yesterday for our trip and started to put that up while we were chatting. I made sure I remembered all of the bedding as I was convinced I would forget it and leave it at home, so it was one of the first things that went into the car. Small problem though - I didn't check the sheets that I had packed and I put a single one in instead of a double.

I suppose it's not really that entertaining and probably one of those you-had-to-have-been-there moments but at 2am, pretty much anything is funny!

The wedding on Saturday wasn't until 1pm so the next morning we got up early and Laura showed us around Albert Dock and Liverpool One. It's such a lovely area. She treated us to breakfast at a lovely little cafe along the dock as well, she's so kind! It was really nice to be able to spend some time with her before we headed off to the wedding.

The wedding was lovely and Angela and Enwin looked so happy. The service was great, Angela forgot her vows a few times as she was looking around the room to see who was there! The musical items were beautiful; one of them, "My Lord, My God" was just amazing, I really want the piano music for it now! (Seth and I have been singing it ever since we heard it). I didn't get the chance to take that many photos, so I only have a few. They are such a lovely couple, I'm so glad that they are finally married! It was a lovely day for us as we also got to see many of our close friends from Lancaster. Even though we only moved nearly two months ago, it felt like we hadn't seen them in ages!

This is my lovely friend, Anna in the picture with me and Angela. She bought me an ugly slice from The Yummy Cupcake Company in Lancaster. Even though it sounds disgusting, they are actually divine and I was slightly adducted to them when we lived in Lancaster. So if you're ever in Lancaster, you have to go there and try one, they are delicious! If I didn't love her for any other reason, I love her for buying me that, ha ha! She is wonderful though and I miss her a lot, so it was great to see her. Seth was reunited with Ruth and Richard's beautiful daughter, Anwen, which made him happy!

                                 The cool bride and groom on top of the cake.
After the wedding, we headed back to Liverpool. It was about 8pm so we still had some time to play with Laura. We went out and about and just wandered around. There is so much to see, it's a lovely city. We found this a bit weird though.

If you can't see what it is, it's loads of semi naked plastic baby dolls. It's slightly disturbing and yet, we still had to take a picture of it. After that, we headed to the Hilton gym. Not to actually work out, don't be silly! Laura was just showing us the gym she gets to use free of charge, as she lives above the hotel. Quite a sweet set up, I'm pretty jealous! Not that I actually go to the gym but if I had one to use for free which was right underneath where I lived then I think I would use it!

              Laura managing to break the machine.
                                   Us posing, as you do.

                             Look how fast I'm going!
                                Nice self-portrait there, Lau!

We headed back to Laura's afterwards and ate Krispy Kremes. Laura had a raspberry turnover but seriously, given the choice, who wouldn't want to have the Krispy Kreme?!

                                                                  Mine was the one on the left.

On Sunday morning, we left Liverpool and went to church in Lancaster. It was nice being back there again and getting to see all of our lovely friends. Our roadtrip back home was pretty long, I think it took us just over 5 hours. I never mind it though, Seth and I always enjoy our roadtrips, we have so much fun and have many deep and meaningfuls as well. This particular journey consisted of us singing church songs for the last hour of the journey. My particular favourite would have to be the EFY medley. Seth did an amazing job singing the soprano part an octave lower while I sang the alto to the girls part of the song! It was fun being able to sing with him. In fact, it was just a fun weekend getting to be with each other and seeing family and friends. More of it to come next weekend!


  1. Disclaimer: My hair is crazy in all of these photos as it was raining outside. That really annoying, fine rain that just makes your hair go horrible and frizzy. That is all!

  2. Kirsty, I loved reading your blog you're soo lovely and inspirational, I want to go on road trip now with my Seth and sing songs!!

  3. Thanks Em! I'm looking forward to meeting little Sam soon! xx

  4. Kirsty, remember our road trip down for Steve and Amy's wedding and how hysterical you got at some unearthly hour of the night? Over what I can't for the lfie of me remember but it was so funny!
    And wierd about the plastic baby thing! Oh and Lau needs to take you to the Mexican we went to. very nice!

  5. That sheet saga gets me giggling EVERY time! =) x

  6. It was such a fun weekend - thank you so much for coming to stay with me. I am already looking forward to the next time :)