Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Rachel is getting married!

I love weddings. I love everything about them but of course, like most people, I especially love seeing what the bride's dress is like. When I was engaged, I had so much fun planning our wedding and trying on the dresses. Even though I knew exactly what I wanted, I still tried on lots of dresses, just because I could! Even now, whenever Seth and I pass by a wedding dress shop, I suggest to him half jokingly that I take off my rings and we go in there so that I can try on dresses and he can just pretend to be my brother or something. Needless to say that hasn't happened! I was so happy to hear the news when my lovely niece Rachel phoned to tell me that she was engaged. Rach and Jess had been there a lot for the planning of my wedding as they were my bridesmaids.

Didn't they look stunning?

A couple of weekends ago, Lins, Rach and Jess came down so that Rach could go dress shopping. I was pretty excited about it. I think the only reason they actually came down to try on dresses was just to humour me more than for Rach's benefit, but either way, whatever works!
                        (Getting ready just before we left)

When we were driving to the first dress shop, I told them how excited I was and how much I was looking forward to Rachel trying on the dresses. I don't think that either Rach or Jess quite understood why I was so excited about it all. Until we actually got into the shop. It was an amazing shop and they had so many beautiful dresses. Even Jess, Miss I-never-want-to-get-married-ever decided that maybe marriage wouldn't be SUCH a bad thing if you got to wear one of those dresses! Rachel tried on quite a few dresses there, all of which looked amazing. How could they not, she's stunning! I would put a picture of her in the dresses on here but 1. I wasn't meant to be taking pictures in the shop in the first place and 2. just no, I wouldn't want to give anything away!  Rach loved the whole experience and with most of the dresses she tried on, she stood in front of the mirror and swayed from side to side saying, "ding, ding". If you've seen the film, "Runaway Bride", you will know what I'm talking about, but if not, you'll just think Rach is weird :) so I should probably explain it, lest you remain forever thinking that she is weird. In "Runaway Bride", Julia Roberts is trying on a wedding dress and she comments about it being beautiful, then says something about the shape of the skirt being like a bell. She then sways from side to side making the bell noise. Hence Rach doing it. That took way too long to explain. Anyway.......

We went to shop number two where Rach tried on more lovely dresses. Then Rach tried on The One. She pretty much fell in love with it the moment she saw it, her face just glowed, she looked so beautiful in it. And it was on sale too. Bonus! So she bought it.

Look how radiant she is, even holding the dress in the bag! I can't wait for the Big Day.


  1. Our little girls are growing up!

  2. What a brilliant weekend!! Ahhhh... :) x

  3. It was a brilliant weekend. Definitely worth Rache getting engaged just for that alone!!!

  4. It was the BEST weekend EVER...second only to the engagement itself. We had SO much fun. Love you. xxx