Sunday, 25 September 2011


Now, your're probably wondering why anyone would actually blog about their baking experiences. However, I feel that it is most definitely blog-worthy. You see, I have always been known for not being able to cook or bake, or do anything at all in the kitchen. There was the time when I thought it would be nice to have a melted mars bar over the top of ice cream. So, to melt it I thought I'd put it in the microwave. I can't remember what exactly happened, but I do remember us having to get rid of the bowl I tried to melt the mars bar in as we couldn't even chip it off the bowl and the house smelt of burnt mars bars for a good few days. Then there was the time when I set off all of the fire alarms in school during a home economics class when I was heating oil in the pan. Good times. Not to mention the fact that EVERY SINGLE SPEECH at our wedding mentioned my inability to cook. I would like to say that in the two years of being married, my cooking abilities have improved. What can I say, I make a mean pasta bake.

We have a rather large apple tree in our back garden with more apples than we know what to do with. So when my lovely husband suggested that we should make a crumble, I thought he was joking, given my culinary abilities. It turns out he wasn't. We bought all of the ingredients and set about making our crumble.

Check me out, documenting every stage, even Seth picking the apples from our tree!

Can you spot the laptop on top of the hob in the picture below? We found the recipe for the crumble on the internet but we can't quite locate our printer at the moment to print it out. Yes, we moved in over a month ago. Don't judge. Notice how innovative we are - when there's no sieve to use, use a colander! (We should probably think about getting a sieve at some point, I'm sure!)

We thought it all seemed to be going pretty well until we realised that the actual crumble part of the crumble didn't look right, so we checked back over the recipe only to see that we had forgotten the brown sugar. Fail! We laughed so much when we realised what had happened but luckily we realised in enough time to fix our mistake. I'm not sure if it looked how it was meant to though. If it was meant to look like it had quorn mince on the top then that's fine. I love this picture of Seth, he's not quite convinced that it looked right. The second picture isn't exactly proof that it turned out okay, as we covered it in ice cream. However, I'm pleased to inform the critics that it was really tasty, much to our surprise.

This is definitely progress for us!


  1. Seth's face cracks me up in that penultimate photo. He doesn't look convinced at all!
    How do you like dem apples?

  2. It looked disgusting! I'm amazed that it tasted nice!

  3. Are you being Amy from the West Wing, Lau?
    I love your cooking double act!