Friday, 16 September 2011

My work

Since moving to London, this is the place that I now call my work. This is even my building where I'm based on campus (I'd even point out my office window but it's on the other side of the building). Not too shabby, hey?! Since I only started about 3 weeks ago now, I've not seen it with the autumn leaves on it yet but I thought it looked pretty cool so here it is, in all its glory!

Last Friday, was the graduation ceremonies for the history department, which I was able to attend. Getting into the building was a little harder than usual as there were security guards everywhere, this being the reason: 

There's my claim to fame, right there! (By the way, I didn't take that photo, just in case there was any doubt). I got to see Princess Beatrice graduate! I would love to tell you that I was hardcore and went to the whole graduation ceremony but that would be lying. To be quite honest, I find graduation ceremonies pretty boring! But when I heard people begin their rounds of applause from my office, I knew that they must have started to announce the graduands, so that's when I decided to go in. I was up on the balcony scanning the rows of students, trying to find Princess Beatrice when I saw her. It's funny because when you see her in that kind of setting, you don't think of her as a Princess, or of her wearing that reindeer hat that she wore to William and Kate's wedding, she just looked like any other student. It was pretty cool seeing her walking across the stage as they announced "Princess Beatrice of York". She's had so much criticism from the press over the last few years because of her weight, etc. but I thought she looked beautiful, and it was great to see her graduating from the department where I am now working.

Just another day in the office :).

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  1. It is a beautiful building. And you have pretty cool alumni!