Thursday, 15 September 2011

When the Carruthers came to play

It was Sam and Caitlin's Birthdays in August, and for Sam's Birthday treat, he chose to spend the day with Seth and I. We were so excited to see the family as it was the first time that we would be seeing them since moving down South. Of course, it goes without saying that we were really pleased to get to spend the day with Sam on his Birthday.We spent most of the day in Danson Park. I've not been there for around 22 years (showing my age there!) and it has changed a lot, the park there is amazing, and a lot better than I remember it!

Sam and Cait were playing in the park with Lin, Steve, Rachel and Jess when we arrived. Seth and I had parked in a completely different place to them and had no idea where to find them. The park is HUGE! So, thanks to the use of mobile phones and Lins and Rach coming to search for us, we finally found our way to the actual park, as in the children's play area.

After we'd all played there for a while, we went to eat, close to the lake. Lins had prepared a massive picnic (I ate more than a few of the biscuits, I'm such a piggy!). Cait was so happy to get to play with Seth. She adores him and always has done. As we were eating, it got a bit cold so Seth lent his hoodie to Sam, who models it incredibly well, in my opinion!

After the picnic, we all went to the waterpark, where Sam and Cait played in the fountains. They had so much fun and got absolutely soaked!

Cait was having fun drinking from the fountains as the water shot up, crazy girl! On more than one attempt, Seth tried to get me wet, but I wasn't having any of it. However, he did succeed with Steve, with Rach and Jess's help!

After playing in the fountains and getting dried off, we went back to playing in the park some more. I love these photos of Rach and Jess on the sheep, and of the boys.
I just thought that the picture below of Jess and Seth was lovely. He fits so well into our family, it's just as well I married him! While I was pushing Cait on the swings, she was chatting away to me. She commented that we're both the youngest in our families. When I told her she was right, she said that I'm a grown up though because I'm married. She then asked innocently, "So, when are you going to have children? You need to have them soon because I want to play with them. I think you should have them on your Birthday!" So, October then. Thanks for that, Cait!

I'm so glad that they came down to play with us. It might be a bit of bias on my part, but I do think that I have the best family.

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  1. Oh man! That looks like so much fun! I miss you all so much, come up and play with me please :(