Thursday, 2 February 2012

Follow up to the bump band saga

Just in case you were wondering, I have been making full use of my bump bands. That might be a little dishonest being as though I hadn't paid for them yet but I couldn't get to the shop any sooner than I went and we all know the fun that I had trying to pay for them over the phone!

I had the day off work yesterday as I had a midwife's appointment. It was scheduled for 1pm and being as though I don't work anywhere near where my surgery is, it was just easier to take it as a day's holiday rather than go into work for an hour or two, come home to go to the doctors and then go back! (By the way, all went well at the appointment - I heard the baby's heartbeat which was very exciting and I found out I had low blood pressure and that's why I get quite dizzy, which wasn't quite so exciting). So after my appointment, I went into town and went to the shop to pay for the bump bands. When I went to the check out and explained the situation to the girl there, she was lovely. She couldn't believe A. The incompetence of the people when I phoned them and B. that I had actually come in to pay for them. She thought it was amazing and said that she was going to tell everyone about it. I'm famous, ha ha! I told her that I couldn't not pay for it as I would have just felt awful. She then asked me if I was religious and when I said I was, she said that she had gone to a Catholic school and when you know what's right and what's wrong, it makes it very difficult not to do the right thing. It's quite pathetic just how good I felt for going to pay for them. Well, not good, just relieved that I had done it and sorted it all out. So now I can wear my bump bands which I rightly own! I would post a picture of me wearing them because I like blog posts with pictures, but I'm not going to because who actually wants to see a picture of me wearing something when it's purpose is to hide the fact that I can't do my trousers up? Quite.


  1. haha! I got a demo though so I must be special!

  2. Good for you, Kirsty. They are really good and I am so glad that you got it all sorted out -------eventually.