Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Trying to keep up

Seth and I were getting ready for work a couple of mornings ago and as usual, we were rushing. We aim to leave the house at 7.45am so that we can walk to the station together, in time for Seth to get his train at 7.55am and for me to get mine at 8.04am. However, it seems to be that getting up in the morning is getting harder and harder. The past couple of mornings the alarm has gone off at 6am and I have turned it off then rolled over and cuddled up to Seth for the next little while. That results in me rushing like crazy when I do actually get up! Seth gets up later than me anyway, but he too managed to get up slightly later than usual so at least I wasn't the only one rushing. When I try to be quick though, things tend to go wrong. Mornings when I'm running late are always the mornings that my hair looks bad regardless of what I try to do to it, etc. Such was my morning. The hair wasn't going right, the make up wasn't going right, luckily I actually managed to get myself dressed so it wasn't a complete disaster.

7.50am. We had prayed together and left the house. The train station is about a 10 minute walk from our house, so when we're on time we have a nice walk there together. Our walk that morning was still nice but think of one thing for a minute - how many of you have seen a little child trying to keep up with a parent who is walking briskly? You can tell that the parent is in a hurry to get somewhere and they are holding onto the child's hand, but of course, the child is a lot shorter than said parent, so they run every few steps to try and keep up with the parent, then they'll walk a little way when the child realises that they're level, then as the gap widens again, they run to catch up. With Seth being 6 foot 1 and me being 5 foot 2 (and a half, but who's counting?), I am more than familiar with this situation and I am indeed very much like that child. Given that I am an (sadly fully grown) adult, I often laugh at myself as I realise I am running every few steps to try and keep up with Seth, not only because I find it amusing but it must be quite an amusing sight for anyone else who sees us. Whenever it happens, I always have sympathy for children everywhere who are trying to keep up with their rushing parents. But, to have those extra 10 minutes of conversation and being together every morning, even when we're running late, it's worth it.



  1. Casual Friday? I should work for you!

  2. It's an old photo taken when we got engaged but I thought I'd use it anyway!

  3. I LOVE this picture.!!! You are such a lovely couple !!