Saturday, 19 May 2012

Our date night

As tragic as it sounds, Seth and I haven't been out on a date in a while! He has been so busy with his exams and everything and I've been so busy being pregnant and tired so last Saturday night, we decided to go to the cinema. Seth had already been with his brother, Mark the night before to watch "Avengers Assemble". He wanted to see it again and wanted me to see it too (I think it was more to do with the fact that he just wanted to see it again!). I'd seen the Iron Man films, Captain America and Thor (my favourite of all of them for obvious reasons, if you are female and you have seen it!) and I quite liked them all so I was up for seeing it.
I booked the tickets online and thought it seemed a little bit expensive but then just assumed that because it's the Imax cinema in Greenwich, that was the reason why. So, off we went to the cinema.When we got there, we collected our pre-booked tickets and got some snacks, as you just have to do when going to the cinema. Seth got a hot dog, I got a Ben and Jerry's core sundae and we got a pack of giant milkybar buttons to share (yes, we are adults). We walked around the cinema for a few minutes, trying to find our screen, but to no avail. Seth asked where it was and we were told that we needed to take the lift, so up we went. When the doors opened at the top, a man was standing there in a smart shirt and tie to greet us. It looked like we had just entered a really nice bar. He then showed us to a table, brought us some nachos with salsa and cheese and some drinks and told us that he would let us know when the screen was ready. At around this point, it started to fall into place as to why the tickets had seemed quite expensive. I'd accidentally booked the gallery viewing area. We both laughed when we realised what had happened, although Seth maintains that I had done it deliberately! We're obviously both cheapskates because we commented on how glad we were that I'd bought those tickets by mistake as we wouldn't have done it otherwise and have just gone with the standard tickets. The man came with two boxes of popcorn for us both and showed us to our seats.

The film was pretty good, definitely more Seth's type of film than mine but I enjoyed it. But then to be honest,  I just quite enjoyed our whole, slightly extravagant cinema trip. We should have date nights like that all the time!

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  1. Nice one Kirsty! We'll just blame it on baby brain!