Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Tell me why I don't like Mondays.....

Actually I do. Well, usually I don't, as I never like having to go back to work after the weekend, but this week, I liked Monday and that's obviously because it was a Bank Holiday. Who doesn't like getting a day off work??! Both Seth and I were quite pleased about just being able to play and do whatever we wanted. In usual Bank Holiday style, it rained for pretty much the entire day, but we managed to plan around that by planning things to do indoors. We went to the temple first of all, which is always lovely and we both really enjoy going. In case you're wondering what our temple looks like, here it is:

It's beautiful isn't it? Although this one is my favourite one, in San Diego:

We made it a goal that every time we went to the temple, we would go for a walk around the grounds as they are really beautiful and it's just nice to spend time there. However, it was raining pretty heavily and we didn't want to get wet so we gave that one a raincheck (no pun intended!).

Later on that afternoon, we went to Ikea! I love the layout of Ikea and how they set everything up to look like rooms in a house. I always want to buy everything that's there because they make it look so good. Now, in case you're wondering, Seth was completely fine with us going there. Fair enough, it may have been my suggestion, but he was more than happy to go along with it, although later on when I asked him, he said that he was just glad to be spending the day with me. One could possibly read into that that he didn't actually want to go to Ikea but I know that secretly he loves it as much as I do! I have to say, I was quite restrained, I could have happily spent a few hours looking around there but we weren't actually there for all that long. I don't know exactly how long that was but compated to how long it could have been it wasn't that long! We bought a cot, a cot mattress, cot sheets (all of which we'd planned to buy), and a DVD stand. It wasn't exactly on our list of things to get but it was still needed. Since we moved into our home in August we have put all of our DVDs in the alcove of what used to be a fireplace and we just kind of left them there, but we finally decided that we should probably actually put them somewhere. We don't watch our DVDs a huge amount but it's getting a little bit tedious only watching the DVDs on the first row because we can't be bothered to pull out all of the DVDs to see what's behind it. Lazy? Yes. But buying a DVD stand does solve the problem.

As we were heading for the checkout, Seth asked if we would be able to fit it all in the car. I responded quite confidently that we would and that it would be fine. I think I must have forgotten at that point that we drive a Renault Clio. After taking about 20 minutes (okay, maybe not that long) of manoeuvring the boxes to make them fit, we finally found a solution. Seth would just leave me at Ikea. We decided against that so after more shuffling around and moving of seats (the woman in the passenger seat of the car facing us wasn't even hiding the fact that she was watching and laughing at us!) we managed to make everything and everyone fit into the car. Success!

We then headed home and as neither of us could be bothered to cook, we ordered a Chinese. In the ten minutes it took for me to phone through the order and for us to go and get it, Seth had put up the DVD stand, he's very clever like that! Sadly I didn't take any pictures to show his handy skills. The rest of our evening consisted of filling the DVD stand, eating too much food and watching whatever Mission Impossible film is the newest one.

Hope you all had a good Bank Holiday Monday!


  1. Haha! Got to love Ikea! Even SA, who has a general dislike of any shop other than toy shops, likes Ikea! Glad you got sorted. can't believe you went without me though. TRADITION!!! I took you, when i bought my baby changing table. It's just RUDE that you didn't reciprocate!

  2. That a wonderful way to spend (no pun intended) a bank holiday. How you managed to get all of those items into your car is quite amazing but then Seth is good at all of that. It was really nice that you both started your day at the Temple.Love you both .xx