Wednesday, 17 October 2012


....or that's Norwich, to anyone who doesn't have the Norfolk accent. I am one such person. This is my fourth week of being here staying with Mum. Our property completed last Friday and Caleb and I are moving back down at the weekend. Seth is down there now with his Dad, doing fun stuff like painting and making it look pretty for when we move back. It will be so nice to be together again rather than having a "weekend only" husband!

I had mentioned previously that being here is kind of bittersweet because although it's lovely to be here, I really miss Seth. And of course that's true, but I have had a great time being here too. When we come back to visit just for the weekend, there is never enough time to do everything we want to do and see everyone we want to see, but I have had the luxury of being able to do both.

Caleb has had a great time hanging out with his cousins, Sam and Caitlin. He has seen them both quite a lot and they are huge fans of his! They have helped to bath him and Caitlin particularly loves helping out with him, she feeds him, helps to clear up sick, puts his dummy back in his mouth when he spits it out and has learned the trick of holding the dummy in place for a couple of seconds until Caleb properly starts sucking on it. Cait is not that fond of showing any sort of affection and isn't really a huggy-kissy type of girl. I have been taking full advantage of this and every time she has asked to hold Caleb, I make her kiss me on both cheeks, on the forehead and on the nose. Because I'm really nice like that. And she does it! Which shows how much she loves Caleb!

My sister Deb has popped round a few times since we have been here and it has been lovely to see her. She adores Caleb and it's lovely to see her with him. I have also had the chance to spend a lot of time with Lins, one of my other sisters. She has Mondays and Fridays off work and so since I have been here, we have spent the Mondays together. It's so nice being close to my sisters at the moment and being able to see them!
Laura lives in Liverpool, but she has actually been here every weekend that I have been here! She has been travelling down to see us and it's been great. It's been just like old times, with her, me and Mum in the house, with the obvious addition of Caleb! We have had a lot of fun together and Caleb has really enjoyed being able to hang out with his Aunties a lot. Not that he tells me that, but he is always all smiles for them and he chats away to them, it's pretty cute.

Mum has loved having us here, although I think that's more to do with Caleb than me! She keeps telling him that she is going to keep him here and send me back down to the new home. He chuckles at that every time she says it, I don't know if I should be offended or not??!

I have also had the chance to catch up with a couple of girls who I went to university with. I haven't seen Sarah since my wedding three years ago so it was great to see her and to meet her beautiful children, Megan and Jack. I saw Bernadette last year at her wedding and when I caught up with her, she was heavily pregnant. It was fun talking babies with her. She has since had a baby girl, Freya but I've not had a chance to meet her as I have had a cold and I don't really want to share my germs with a newborn bubba!

When I first realised that our house wouldn't complete in time and that I would have to come and stay with Mum, I was sad that I would be away from Seth although pleased also that I would see Mum. Everything has worked out pretty nicely as I have had a lovely time here. Every cloud has a silver lining!

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  1. This was a fabulous 4 weeks for me . It was so nice to have Kirsty "back home" BUT so wonderful, amazing and joyful having my precious little Caleb here. His smiles light up my life. He is just so gorgeous.