Monday, 26 November 2012

The Buena Hermana

...that is Laura, in case anyone is wondering who the buena hermana is. When we were both at work we always used to email each other, even when we both lived in the same house and would be seeing each other that evening anyway. Laura would always sign the email as the buena hermana, hence the title of the post.

Laura came to stay with us for the weekend and it was so much fun! She came down on Thursday evening. It's always so lovely when we get together, there's always lots of chatting and laughing and we always seem to have so much to catch up on, even though we talk and text a lot anyway. The weekend consisted of a lot of window shopping, Bluewater on Friday and Westfield on Saturday. We were going to head into London but Caleb had a bit of a cough and a cold so we thought we'd stay inside instead. Also, it was raining a lot so indoors was definitely the best plan! I must say, I was very restrained and didn't buy anything on either of the days, although we had fun looking around and trying on watches. We both love watches and we easily have over 20 between us! So I don't actually need a new watch but I always like to keep my options open!

On Saturday while we were at Westfield, we decided to try out Caleb's baby carrier. I've had it for ages but it was the first time we actually used it and he loved it! He was in it for most of the day and even fell asleep in it, bless him.
When we got home, Laura bought us all Chinese and we watched Strictly Come Dancing together. We're big fans in our house, I've even managed to convert Seth. I'm sure he would love that I just shared that fact, ha ha! (He probably wouldn't want me to share that we also did ballroom and latin dancing for two years either!). Once that finished, Laura and I decided ont he spur of the moment to go and see "Breaking Dawn, part 2", as I really wanted to see it. Seth didn't mind being left, bless him, he was just really happy for me and Lau to be together, he's such a lovely husband! I really enjoyed the film, can I just say. Yes, I like Twilight, it's out there. Crashing on...

It was such a lovely weekend, I loved having Laura here with us. I love that when we get together, it's just like old times when we both lived at home. Some things never change!

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