Monday, 10 December 2012

Happy Un-Birthday to me!

Last week, Mum came down to stay with us on Thursday and Friday. Which was lovely in and of itself, but it also meant that we had a babysitter on Thursday night! Being as though my actual Birthday was our first day in our new home, we didn't really celebrate it as everything was pretty crazy at that time and it really didn't feel like my Birthday at all. So Seth said that we would celebrate my Birthday properly at a later date. Last Thursday night was that day! I headed into London and met Seth. It's surprising because we actually only live half an hour away from London, but I don't get to go in that often, especially since Caleb was born. It's a bit difficult being able to get around with a pram, especially at stations!

Seth had already decided what he wanted us to do that evening for my Birthday and so we did it - we went to see Les Miserables! I have always wanted to see it and it was something that was on our to-do list. I was so thrilled that we finally got to see it. We had brilliant seats, we were in the first row of the upper stall. Which isn't bad at all, considering we only actually got the tickets about an hour before the show was due to start! It was amazing and we had such a lovely time, the music is just phenomenal. The company wasn't too bad either :).



  1. Oh there are no words to describe Les Miserables. I LOVE it - have seen it about 6 times and never tire of it!

  2. For me it was so special as I got to babysit my precious Caleb. You two are welcome to go out anytime especially if I am the babysitter.