Tuesday, 29 January 2013

It's time

The plan was always that once Caleb grew out of his Moses basket, he would then go into a cot in his own room. Since we moved house in October, his room has pretty much been filled with random things that we hadn't yet found homes for yet. Not to mention the fact that the room needs to be painted. So, I was actually pretty pleased that when he moved out of his Moses basket, he moved into his cot. In our room. I wasn't quite ready to let go of my baby boy just yet! I quite like having him sleeping beside me and I always look over at him just before I go to sleep, to appreciate his gorgeousness! I also love the mornings. Luckily Caleb has always been quite a good sleeper and he never wakes up too early. It's always so lovely to be woken by the sound of him chatting away to himself and blowing raspberries. We'll both stay in bed, talking to each other and playing until we decide to actually get up. So when Seth suggested that it might be time for Caleb to move into his own room, I must confess, I was a little sad. Okay, I cried. I know, I'm pathetic, but I really love having him beside me. Plus, this stage seems to have come around so quickly, he was only just born, he can't be going into his own room already! We began to clear the things out of his room so that it would finally actually become his room as opposed to the spare room with stuff in it! Seth did most of the clearing out, I mainly just sat there, keeping him company, I'm helpful like that!

He has had a few nights in his own room now. He doesn't seem to notice any difference and he is more than happy to be in there. I have adjusted surprisingly well. Our room seems a lot bigger, albeit a little empty without his cot there. I go in every night to see him before I go to bed but I don't think there is anything wrong with that!


  1. It's a hard transition, it means that they're getting older....but hey it has to happen! I still check on Noah and Roman when I go to bed too, I don't think I'll stop doing it till they start going to bed later than me!!;)

  2. Ha ha, I can see me doing the same thing! :)

  3. Ah my Kirsty. It's really hard first time around. Caleb doesn't seem to mind though and he is such a good sleeper. Time does fly and they grow so quickly so ENJOY every moment. He is absolutely so gorgeous and I am not biased one little bit.!