Tuesday, 13 May 2014


The weekend before Easter, all of the fun started for us, as we met up with the family at the temple. Caleb had a lovely time playing with the gingers (our affectionate term for Sam and Cait. It needs no explanation!), he loves his cousins. He has recently learnt how to say their names, which they were thrilled about.

We put Caleb on the parcel shelf in the car just as we were leaving. He wasn't quite sure what to make of it, ha ha!

Originally we weren't planning on doing very much on the Friday and Saturday of Easter weekend and were going to stay at home but we ended up going to Norwich to be with all of the family. I'm so glad that we did as it was such a lovely weekend.

I was telling Seth how massive the boot of Laura's hire car was, so we all got in to demonstrate.
On the Friday when we arrived at Mum's house, my nephew Jamie and his wife, Lauren were there. It was so nice to see them as I haven't seen them since their wedding day nearly a year ago! Later on that day, my sister Deb came over and stayed for a while. She bought Caleb a Mr Tumble easter egg, which he was absolutely thrilled with (the box more than the egg, of course! Typical 1 year old!). Caleb doesn't get to see Deb very much and so he made the most of the time they had together, as did Deb! She fed him his bottle before he went to bed and she very reluctantly surrendered him to us so that we could put him to bed!

On the Saturday afternoon, we met Lin, Steve and the gingers down at our church building to play around in the hall. Laura was playing football and basketball with Sam and Cait and Caleb was doing his best to try and join in. He was even standing underneath the basketball hoop, basketball in hand, looking up at the hoop as if he were about to make a shot, it was so adorable! Sadly I don't have a photo of that but it was the cutest thing!

We also had wheelbarrow races and all sat on Laura so that she could be our horse. She loves it really!

We all headed outside later on to play with Seth's amazing 3-man catapult. It shoots water balloons up to 100m. I had a turn and the first one I tried to catapult landed about a metre away from my feet! I'm glad to say that I had more success with my second attempt! Sam, Cait and Caleb were up at the other end of the grassy area, trying to catch the balloons, it was so much fun playing with them all.

My brother in law, Steve and Seth hanging out

On Sunday, we headed down to Cambridge for my great-nephew, Isaac's blessing. He has grown so much since I last saw him, it's funny how babies do that ;). He's such a cute boy, it was lovely to see him again. There were so many family members there so I didn't get to hold him much and the only times I did hold him, he cried so I swiftly gave him back to his Mum or Dad!

My niece Jess is on her mission in Salt Lake so Lin made a cardboard cutout of her so that she could still be there in the pictures!

Proud Grandma

All in all, we had a great weekend, I love being with all of the family.
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  1. This is a wonderful blog my Kirsty and the photos are fantastic. It was so lovely to see the little cousins playing together. I absolutely LOVED our time together. WONDERFUL xxxxx