Sunday, 18 May 2014

First experiences

A couple of Saturdays ago, our friends Laura and Simon came over to spend the day with us. The person who would usually look in on their dog while they were out was unable to do so due to illness, so Tessa came with them! I am not much of a pet person to be honest and most dogs scare me but Tessa is such a sweet dog and so well behaved! Caleb barely touched any of his toys that day as he was too busy playing with Tessa! He was following her around the whole time and they were chasing each other, it was so cute.

That afternoon we went out bowling. I haven't been in years and anyone who has ever been bowling with me will remember how rubbish I was / still am! I can't seem to bowl a bowling ball properly, I kind of do this wrist flick thing, which is a bit random, but I do better bowling that way than trying to bowl normally.

This was Caleb's first ever time in a bowling alley so I was curious to see how he would respond to it. I think he was a little overwhelmed by the loud music and the sound of the pins being knocked down but he soon seemed to adjust to it. He was sitting nicely in his pram, taking it all in until he decided that he wanted a piece of the action. It started off with him just wanting to hold a bowling ball, which he was more than happy with. Then he had a couple of turns at bowling. He took a couple of Seth's turns, not mine. I needed all the points I could get! Although with that said, I think Caleb possible got more points than me on at least one of his turns.

He was so pleased with himself, being able to join in with the big kids. And we are, literally, big kids. We had raspberry slush puppies and everything. If anyone else has tried them recently, have you noticed that they have changed the flavour to how it was when we were younger? Such a travesty!

We had a great day with Simon and Laura and it was so fun to experience another first with our little man.
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  1. What a cutie! I miss that boy!

  2. Love these photos. !! Caleb is so adventurous and loves to join in . You all look so happy and enjoying yourselves. xx