Friday, 6 June 2014


Can you believe that Caleb is actually going to be two in less than two months? I'm not sure I'm ready for that, it seriously only seems like five minutes ago that he was born and a cute little new born baby who I could just cuddle lots. And now, he runs around like a mad thing! That boy just loves to be on the move ALL THE TIME. He is just so busy and into everything. I thought I would just blog about some of his recent developments because I think they're cute and even if no one else cares, I know that my Mum at least reads this and she can never get enough of Caleb so at least one person other than myself will find it interesting!

He has started to say "I love you"! It is the cutest thing and it makes me melt every time he says it. Usually he says it in response to me saying it to him first but the other night when I put him to bed, he said it first! It was adorable.

He has recently developed a love for teddy bears. One of them is actually mine, it's a bear wearing graduation robes which my Mum got me for my graduation (obviously) ten years ago. He is obsessed with it. Seth said to me the other day that he is sure that when Mum gave it to me that I wasn't thinking that in 10 years time my son would love to play with it. He's quite right about that! The way he says "teddy bear" is really sweet, he puts the emphasis on "bear" and I love hearing him say it. Yes, I do make him repeat it over and over and pretend that I don't know what he's saying just so that I can hear him say it. I'm a good Mum like that.....

He can count to thirteen and backwards from 10 to 1. He also recognises numbers up to 10 and when we're out and about, he will randomly shout out numbers as he sees them. This worked really well for me when I went to the hospital for a blood test a couple of months ago. You go in and take a ticket and they have the board where your number flashes up. We were waiting there for around 45 minutes but Caleb was more than happy to be there as he was busy calling out the numbers as they came up.

He is beginning to recognise letters and he knows all of the letters in his own name.

He is beginning to get more cuddly! This makes me so happy as he really can't be bothered with cuddles most of the time. When I get him up from his afternoon nap, we will sit on the sofa and watch CBeebies and cuddle for a few minutes. It never lasts more than a few minutes but I'm grateful for what I can get! The other day, he walked up to Seth in the kitchen and said "cubble me!" (cuddle me). Seth bent down to him and Caleb threw his arms around his neck and put his head on Seth's shoulder. I must admit, I welled up a bit.

He has started to tell himself off. A couple of weeks ago I heard him say to himself, "no Caleb, naughty! Get down! Good boy". I went into the lounge to see that he had climbed onto the TV stand and was sitting there. I must admit, it's so hard to try and discipline him when I am trying not to laugh!

He knows the names of everyone in our families. This is not an easy thing to learn as Seth and I are both from big families and we have about 18 nephews and nieces between us. It's really sweet hearing him pick these things up.

He has started to repeat things that we say. Luckily, we never say anything that we wouldn't really want him to repeat but it's so funny hearing it. A couple of days ago, Seth said, "thanks babes" to me (by the way, he never calls me "babes" seriously. Just when he's trying to sound like an east Londoner) and Caleb repeated it. Not quite sure how I feel about my almost two year old calling his Mum "babes" but it was pretty amusing.

Okay, so I actually ended up sharing quite a lot of developments! And I know that there are probably so much more. Caleb is growing up so fast but I love seeing the little person he is becoming.

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  1. He is just so adorable! I love the "Cubble me" one! And I loved milking the cuddles when we were down! x

  2. Oh ! He is just so gorgeous and I love it when he calls "Grandmaaaaa" when he sees me coming. He really is such a clever little boy (when did I stop saying ?) I am not biased . he really is very clever. He brings me so much joy and I love him so very much. xx

  3. Oh my goodness you have a little child prodigy on your hands! You will two it is such an age of change but with that it fun to watch all of the things they learn and how their personalities really come out. What are you doing to teach him to count?

    1. He really is so much fun! To be honest I'm not really doing a huge amount! There is a children's programme called "numtums" which he absolutely loves which is all about numbers and it pretty much just went from there! He also has a numbers jigsaw puzzle so we used that to encourage him too but really he has done a lot of it by himself, he just loves his numbers!