Monday, 23 June 2014


A few days ago, my friend tagged me in her status for the "5 days, 3 positive things" challenge. I don't usually like being tagged in stuff that I have to do because half the time I then forget to do them, or it's just things I don't want to do (no make up selfie, anyone? Although I did actually do it!). However, I accepted the challenge.

If you don't know what the challenge is, for 5 days, you have to say 3 positive things about that day and then tag other people to take part and do the same thing. I thought it might be nice to spread a little positivity so I did it. My days went like this:

Day 1
1. Caleb let me sleep until 8am.
2. Seth got home from Hull safely (he had gone up there the day before to see his sister)
3. We had a lovely time playing with a friend and her son at the park.

Day 2
1. Got to catch up with friends at Caleb's toddler group.
2. I bought a new dress and it was on sale! Happy times.
3. Caleb fell asleep within a few minutes of me putting him to bed that evening.

Day 3
1. Had a lovely lunch and catch up with friends.
2. Caleb wanted lots of cuddles that day and I was loving it!
3. I had made extra dinner on day 2 which meant that I didn't have to cook on day 3.

Day 4
1. Caleb and I got to Norwich safely (went to see the fam - more on that in another post!)
2. Went to a brilliant inter-schools concert where my sister was conducting one of the choirs.
3. Got to see the ginger children (Sam and Cait, my nephew and niece).

Day 5
1. Caleb and I had a lovely day with my wonderful family.
2. Mum got up at 6am to be with Caleb and hang out with him so that I could have longer in bed!
3. I arrived home that evening to be with my wonderful husband. 

As you can see, some of the things that were positive weren't particularly spectacular or amazing things and on a couple of the days when things really weren't going that well, I struggled to think of anything positive at all! But in doing this challenge it reminded me of a talk I heard at our church's general conference in April, called "Grateful in any Circumstances". It talks about being positive and grateful, regardless of the circumstances that we might find ourselves in. I have to say, I'm not always the best at that and it can be pretty easy to adapt a "woe is me" attitude when things aren't going brilliantly. However, I'm glad I took part in the challenge as it reminded me to see the positive in things every day and to be grateful for them.

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  1. You are wonderful my Kirsty and you obviously find positive things to do and say. I love the things that you found positive in your daily life. Well done xx

  2. I love this challenge. Some days really do seem so mundane but they are always so much better when you realize how great the little things are!