Wednesday, 9 July 2014

little changes

There have been a few little changes around here recently. Or, more specifically, changes with me. Regardless of how much sleep I get, it never seems to be enough. I look forward to Caleb's nap times as it means that I can get a little shut eye too. I am a lot more emotional than usual and it will just take a slightly sentimental advert on TV to get me welling up. I can't stand savoury food AT ALL. And I pretty much mean, nothing. It literally makes my stomach churn and if I actually manage to eat an entire meal and keep it down, it's a victory. I want to eat sweet things all the time and they are literally the only things I want to eat. Chocolate, ice cream, cake, chocolate milkshakes, you name it, I want it. My nose is so sensitive to smell, it's unbelievable, and it seems that no one else can smell the things I can smell. There is only one obvious reason for all of this, of course......

 Seth and I are so excited, and I'm sure Caleb would be too if he actually understood! He is a little bit obsessed with babies and wherever we go he seems to notice them, so I'm sure he will be thrilled with a little brother or sister.

Being pregnant this time round has been pretty different to when I was expecting Caleb. With Caleb I was pretty lucky, I had a bit of nausea in the morning but no actual sickness, and the nausea would tend to disappear at around 11am. I still liked all of the food I usually liked. Of course, I was still exhausted as I am this time, which is just one of those expected things, growing a baby takes a lot out of you! This time, I am nauseous from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed and as I mentioned previously, I'm having a bit of trouble with managing to eat! Things I usually love, I now can't even stand the smell of. Poor Caleb gets the fright of his life every time he hears me being sick, he gets so scared and we have to cuddle for a little while afterwards to reassure him that everything is okay (and of course, I just hate those cuddles.... ;)). And yet, even though I am feeling pretty terrible, I also kind of like feeling that way too, because it means that I am pregnant. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather not be feeling like that and still be pregnant, but it's just one of those things!

I had a scan at 9 weeks and again today at 12 weeks 4 days and we were able to see the baby moving around which is so exciting to see. I wondered if I'd be as excited as I was with Caleb being as this is the second time round and I really am every bit as excited. I'm not wishing time away because I know the baby will be here before I know it (whilst at the same time I know it will feel like I'm waiting forever!) and also, it's just nice to soak up all of the time I have with Caleb until the baby comes. Life is feeling pretty good at the moment!

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  1. YAY!! Congratulations to you all! I'm super excited! We always seem to be pregnant at the same time. Its a shame we didn't live closer, then we could let our boys play while we chat and ate chocolate and sweet goodness. (It's been my craving too!) I know Caleb is going to be a great older brother and will love every minute of his brother/sister! Congrats again xxx

    1. It would be so nice if we lived closer :) we seem to have a thing about having babies two months apart, ha ha! I hope your scan went well, boy or girl??

  2. SO excited!!! What a lvoely welcome home pressie for Jess!

  3. Congratulations Kirsty and Seth and Caleb. Such wonderful news . The sickness and nausea will go and all will be well. Caleb will be a wonderful big brother. He is just so loving and very very precious. I am sooooo excited xxx