Tuesday, 22 July 2014

5 years!

So I am a bit late in posting this but it still needs to be documented in my opinion. The 11th July was mine and Seth's 5th wedding anniversary! I cannot believe that it's been five years already, it's gone by soooo quickly. I still think of us as newlyweds but I guess at this stage I should accept the fact that we aren't anymore!

I had a quick look on google to see if we shared our wedding date with anyone I'd heard of (I do the same with my Birthday and I share that with Liszt, the composer and Christopher Lloyd. That's right, I share a Birthday with Doc. Brown from "Back to the Future". That makes me cool, right?) and it turns out that Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan got married on the same day. I really like them both so I'm okay with sharing the date with them ;).

Being as it was our anniversary I thought I would share 5 random facts about us.....

1. I got to know who Seth was as my older sister dated his older brother. She always thought that Seth was really great but I doubt at that stage she thought that he would end up being her brother in law!

2. I am five years older than Seth. I found it a bit weird when we first started dating as I could still remember when he was shorter than me but needless to say, I soon got over that!

3. Seth started to like me when he was 14 years old. At the time, I was a youth leader for our church and he was one of the youth. I thought he was really nice and funny and thought it would be cool if he got together with one of my nieces when they were older, ha ha! Clearly, that didn't happen!

4. Seth froze hell for me. I sing a lot with my sisters and he told me he would love to hear me sing. I was pretty self-conscious about singing on my own and I told him that I would sing for him when hell froze over. When I next went over to his house, he produced a huge block of ice with letters spelling out "hell" frozen inside. Well played.

5. We did ballroom and Latin dancing for 2 years while he was at university. He said that when we got married, I could choose something for us to do together, whatever I wanted, and we would do it. So this is what I chose! We got our bronze and silver awards in Latin dancing and got our bronze in ballroom. I absolutely loved doing it and wish that we had more time now we live in London to do it again.  

So there you go! I love being married to Seth, he's a great husband and I love how much fun we have together and how I can always be completely myself with him. I remember before we got married and I thought that in some ways, being married would be so different. I honestly thought that I would have to go on shopping trips without him so that I could buy tampons without him being there. Within about three weeks of married life I sent him out to go and buy tampons for me, so that quickly went out of the window!

I am the most indecisive person in the world and I can't stand having to make big important decisions but I'm so glad that I made the right one in marrying Seth. Life is pretty sweet!


  1. LOVE this blog post!!! I also love all the wonderful things Seth did in courting you. Like the hell thing, and the cream egg thing and the rose petals thing....(and now everyone is wondering "what?????" so you have to share!!!) I too love my brother-in-law heaps and I am so glad that he married you and that he and Steve are Besties!!! (Can you hear Steve saying that word?????)

    1. I'm very glad about that too! I would share those other things but Seth is way more private than me and probably wouldn't love me sharing that :)

  2. I LOVE this post my Kirsty. You and Seth are a wonderful couple. When the two of you just started dating I knew that you were meant for each other. (Mums know that sort of thing !!!). He is a wonderful son-in-law and I am very proud of him. (in fact I am so blessed in having him and Steve as my sons-in-law ) Those five years have flown by and it's wonderful to see how your love for each other has just grown.

  3. Congratulations sweetie, wishing you many more wonderful years ahead. Your wedding dress was simply beautiful!!

    Antoinette xx

    between the lines

  4. This is so cute! Happy anniversary :)

  5. I loved reading your 5 facts. You're so cute!