Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The invasion of the wasps plus some random cuteness

The end of June and beginning of July was pretty busy. Seth was spending pretty much every Saturday studying for his upcoming Masters exams so Caleb and I would pretty much do whatever we felt like doing that day without Seth. One Saturday morning, he went into university to get some studying done and Caleb and I were getting ready to go out. When I went into his room to get some socks for him, I saw a wasp flying around. I absolutely hate wasps, they really freak me out. I think they just look plain scary! So this really wasn't an ideal situation for me. I closed the bedroom door, opened the window and tried to coax it into flying out, which it did, eventually, only for me to then find to more wasps in his room! I was freaking out a little but I managed to get them to leave as well, whilst wishing that Seth were there to deal with it the whole time. Yes, I'm such a girl, I know.

Caleb and I went out for a little while and when we came back, I again went to go into his room to get something. I just walked straight in, as I always do, without even thinking about it. However, this time I was met by loads of wasps! There were loads all over the window, some of them were flying around and some of them were on the floor. If I was freaking out before then at this stage I was going slightly out of my mind! I slammed that door shut, ran into my bedroom and called Seth in tears, telling him what I had found (I wouldn't usually cry over something like that but 1. it was pretty scary and 2. I'm pregnant, I cry at everything these days!). Seth, being the wonderful man that he is, told me not to worry and he would come straight home but told me to go out and get some wasp killer and an electric fly swat thing, so I obeyed!

When Caleb and I went out to the car I looked up at the back of our flat and saw that loads of wasps were flying in through the ventilation brick straight into Caleb's room so there must have been a nest in between those two layers of wall. And even from the outside I could see them all up and the window, in all their waspy glory. Cringe!

Okay, so in this picture you can only see about 4, but there were LOADS!

Seth met me in town and we headed home together, equipped with everything that we needed. (I say we, clearly I wasn't going to be the one going in there and dealing with anything!). When we got home, Caleb and I hung out in the lounge while we sent Seth in to deal with it all. A couple of hours later, he emerged, having killed all of the wasps. All 147 of them. Yes, he counted them all. He's an actuary, he deals with numbers, what can I say?!

So I am glad to report that after that, our waspy nightmare was over, no more came into the house after that, although Caleb slept in our room for most of that week just so that we could be sure!

This is completely unrelated to this post but I just had to put this picture of Caleb on here because seriously, how cute is he?!

We were in Mamas and Papas and he desperately wanted to try on this hat, so I let him. I kind of wish I had bought it now, he is too adorable! Biased Mum, much??

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  1. He could be a cricket umpire in that hat!!! What a legend Seth is!!!