Thursday, 28 August 2014

"I want to go to Brighton!"

Ten points for anyone who can get what or who I'm quoting in the title of this post....

During Seth's week off, we went to Brighton for the day. We had been planning on doing it for ages and I'm so glad that we finally did it. The weather was perfect on the day that we chose to go. We told Caleb before we left home that we were going to the seaside and the whole way there, he just kept saying, "seaside, seaside!", he was so excited.

We didn't leave as early on in the day as early as we should have done to be able to spend a whole day there so we just had the afternoon there. There is so much to do and see in Brighton that really we should have allowed a whole day to explore. I think even then it would take longer to see everything but given the time we had, we just stuck to exploring the seafront. As we walked along the pier and looked out over the blue sea, Caleb was so excited, he said, "lots of seaside!" on more than one occasion, it was pretty sweet seeing him so happy and I'm really glad that it lived up to his little two year old expectations!

 So Caleb doesn't look too happy here...just take my word for it, he WAS excited!

Seth and I are both big people watchers, we just love being where lots of people are and taking everything in. Brighton was packed, busier than I thought it might be considering it was mid-week but then I guess it's summer and there are a lot of people not working. There are lots of cool, quirky shops, galleries and restaurants along the seafront and we enjoyed just walking, talking, and soaking it all up! We found a great children's paddling pool (it was a really hot day and we could have taken Caleb into the sea but Brighton beach is a stony one and we didn't really want to walk on the stones!) so we stopped there for a while so that Caleb could have a little splash around. I loved seeing him and his Daddy playing in the water, it always makes me so happy to see them both having fun together.

At one point, Caleb was shivering so much and he looked to adorable that I had to take a photo (or a few!) of him. He came up to me, lips trembling, asking for ice cream! I don't think he quite got the fact that ice cream would make him colder, bless him! Once we dried him off and dressed him we got him ice cream, so he was pretty happy about that.

I should have taken more photos of our day out as we had such a lovely time (and should have got Seth to take one or two of me and Caleb, we don't have many of us together!) but I was too busy just enjoying hanging out with my boys to take more pictures. Hopefully we will go back there soon as there seems like there is plenty more to explore.
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  1. These are wonderful photos Kirsty. Daddy and son together.....just beautiful . Yes my Kirsty you should have some photos of you and very handsome Caleb and Seth. This is yet another terrific blog. You have such a great way with words you linguist you !!!! Love you three so much xx