Thursday, 14 August 2014

Northern adventures

July was a fun month for us, it seemed that we had a lot of things on, which is how I like it! Towards the end of July, we headed up North for Seth's friend, Guy's wedding. We got to know him during the time we lived in Lancaster and he and Seth got on really well. I like to claim him as my friend too but to be honest, if it weren't for Seth I probably wouldn't have been invited to the wedding, ha ha!

We travelled up on the Friday night and broke up our trip by staying overnight at Laura's. It was a 5 hour journey to get there and despite leaving at 8pm (an hour after we usually put Caleb to bed), he only slept for an hour in the car! It was quite freaky on the journey actually because at one point, a big lorry veered into our lane and at that exact point, Caleb woke up, said "be careful" and went straight back to sleep again! What are the chances of that happening??! When we parked at Laura's, Caleb was a bit disoriented as he wasn't sure where we were and when I told him that we had come to see Laura, he got so excited! Laura came down to the car to meet us and Caleb was wide awake and happy, despite it being after midnight!

Not the best quality photo over as it was taken in the darkness on my phone but they just looked to cute walking along together that I had to share anyway!

Laura always takes such good care of us whenever we go to see her, not only does she give up her room for us but we also always have free reign of anything and everything and this applies to Caleb too. This is one of the reasons he loves being at Laura's; nothing is off limits! He had fun playing with her basketball and football while Seth was setting up the travel cot in Laura's bedroom and Laura turned the sofa so that it was looking out of her floor to ceiling window overlooking Liverpool (there is a great photo of this but I don't have it, it was on Laura's phone. Grrr). Caleb was having a great time looking out and taking it all in! Once he was in bed, we sat and ate Krispy Kreme doughnuts and chatted until about 2am. I would like to say that we were making sure that Caleb was asleep before we went to bed but I think it has more to do with the fact that we talk way too much when we're together, despite speaking to each other most days!

We went to Preston for Guy's wedding on Saturday morning. Even though I was looking forward to the wedding itself, I was more excited to see my lovely friends, Anna and Ruth who are Guy's sisters. I basically just love all of the family, they made Seth and me feel like we were a part of the family when we lived in Lancaster. The wedding was beautiful, as was the reception and we were at the same table as Anna and her husband Phil, which is always a bonus!

Note the lovely orange Michael Kors watch that Laura leant me because it went with the outfit!
Anna is one of my best friends in the world, I could literally tell her anything and know that she wouldn't judge me or think any the less of me for it. Seth was in Lancaster at university for a year before we got married and I moved up there to be with him. He and Anna were very close friends and he told me that we would get on brilliantly. When I first got there, that wasn't really the case, as I'm sure Anna would agree! In fact, that wasn't the case for the first year of being there, we would talk to each other but we didn't really click as much as Seth seemed to think we would. And then there was the guys night where I think all of the boys congregated at our house and the girls night where we were all at Anna's. That was the turning point. We had so much fun and just clicked and we were pretty much inseparable for the rest of our time there!

We had a lovely weekend catching up with Laura and seeing friends who I wish we could see a lot more than we do.
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  1. Another lovely blog Kirsty. Laura was so pleased to have the three of you there and we all know how much she adores Caleb. The photos are really good xx