Monday, 18 August 2014


Caleb turned two on 20th July. I'm still not quite sure how that happened because he was only born last week and yet, it is so! We were up north on the day of his Birthday and so as we didn't get to celebrate it then, Seth and I celebrated it with him on the Monday instead.

Seth was at work on the Monday but on the Sunday night we had filled the lounge with balloons and we had put out his cards and presents that people had bought for him. On Monday morning, I walked into his bedroom singing "Happy Birthday" and I don't think the poor boy had any idea what was going on, ha ha! However when he walked into the lounge he was thrilled to see "lots of balls!". He loved playing with the balloons and opening all of his cards and presents. Well, he liked the presents, the cards he wasn't quite so interested in, except for Mum's as she got him a Mr Tumble Birthday card. Caleb is obsessed with the TV programme, "Something Special", whose main character is Mr Tumble and so needless to say, my boy was pretty pleased with that!

We had a really fun day playing, then that evening when Seth was home we gave him our present, which was a basketball hoop. Caleb was so pleased with it and he went slightly hyper with excitement as he and Seth were playing with it. We took a bit of a gamble in getting it for Caleb as we weren't really sure if he would be that interested in it or not but he loved it and I loved seeing my boys having so much fun playing with it together.

The following weekend, Caleb and I were up in Norwich for a wedding (Seth couldn't come with us as he had a church camp all of the following week and he was in charge of organising it so he needed to get things sorted on the Saturday) and being as most of my family were all in the one place at the one time, we had a family Birthday celebration for Caleb. After the wedding, we headed to a lovely local park which we pretty much had to ourselves and we had a wonderful time playing and chatting.

Caleb loved being with his cousins, aunts and uncle and Grandma. I would like to include me in that list but I'm just his Mum, no novelty value there :). We sang "Happy Birthday" to Caleb (he was more familiar with it this time, especially as he had been singing it to himself all week long) and he (I) blew out the candles on his birthday cake. He loves cake but I think there's something about the candles that scares him so he freaks out when you try to get him to blow them out! We ate lots of cake and then Caleb opened lots of presents.

Everyone was so generous in getting him such lovely gifts and Caleb was genuinely so pleased with them all, he has played with them all a lot since receiving them. It was so nice being able to celebrate Caleb's (belated) Birthday with the family and I know that he had a great time.
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  1. This was a fabulous day and weekend. The photos are really good . As usual , a great blog Kirsty xx