Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Fudge of Death

I quite like Sunday afternoons. Often Caleb will take a nap which means that I can do the same (by the way, apparently me mentioning my love of Sunday afternoon naps was what made many people think that I was pregnant - while they were right and I am indeed pregnant, I have always been a fan of Sunday afternoon naps! I guess being anemic and going to church in the mornings must really take it out of me ;)), or we will all play together. Quite often, Seth will decide that he is going to make fudge. He doesn't overly have that much of a sweet tooth but he loves fudge and anyone who knows me knows that I love all things sweet so I never complain.

On Sunday, he decided that he wold try his hand at making pineapple fudge. You see, we had pineapple juice in the fridge that needed to be used up and so Seth thought he would boil it down and add it to the fudge. I sat in the kitchen with him and kept him company while he was hard at work. It smelt pretty evil I have to say, but Seth just said to wait and see what the finished result would be like.

A couple of hours later, it had set and so we decided to try it. It was rock solid, more like toffee. We were both quite curious to see how it would taste, but being the lovely person I am, I let Seth have the first taste and then I tried some. When I asked him what he thought of it, his comment? "it tastes like feet!". I was so glad he was the first one to make a negative comment because seriously, it tasted so evil. EVIL! You know how London trains smell during rush hour on a hot summer's day? If you were to put that smell into a taste, then that's what it tasted like. We laughed so hard that I was actually crying. I really enjoyed making it with Seth (or rather, just chatting to him as he made it - I take no responsibility!) and I just love the fun we have together, even when our cooking results are disastrous! (does anyone remember the brownie incident?)

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  1. Hope you aren't planning on making it for Christmas pressies!

  2. This is so funny KIrsty and Seth. It looked so nice that I thought I would try some . I couldn't even cut it as it set so well.!!!!!!! He was laughing so hard when he asked me if I tried some. Never mind you had fun together and that's just great. xx