Friday, 15 May 2015

It finally happened!

Last Wednesday, Seth graduated from university with a Masters degree in Actuarial Finance. He has been studying for most of our married life - he had just finished his first year of his degree when we got married so I'm so glad that after six years the studying has come to an end! (well, almost - he has finished his Masters but he still has a couple more exams until he gets his fully fledged actuary qualification as opposed to trainee actuary!).

Mum and Laura came down the day before the graduation - they were coming into London with us the next day to look after the boys there so that we could get family photos together afterwards. When we left to walk to the station the next morning, it was pouring it down with rain. Thank goodness for umbrellas! Caleb was absolutely loving holding on to Grandma's and Laura's hands as he ran all the way there! The weather was pretty lame the entire day, but we still had an amazing day.

Mum and Laura took the boys to one of our church buildings in South Kensington which is right across the road from Seth's University and Seth and I headed on over to the University so he could get his robes and fun stuff like that. He looks so good in graduation robes, although the photos of him wearing them for his undergraduate degree graduation are in a cupboard somewhere (he won't let me put it on display anywhere! Boo).

The actual graduation ceremony took part in the Royal Albert Hall. It is such a grand and impressive place, I have been to a couple of concerts there in the past and would have loved to have had my graduation there. Seth is so blase about it all, I was so much more excited about it than he was. He said to me that when he walked across the stage to shake the person's hand, he was tempted to sing "Thank you", so that he could say that he had sung on the stage of the Royal Albert Hall. I thought it would have been hilarious had he actually done that but sadly he didn't.

The ceremony was lovely and I felt so proud watching him walk across the stage. He has worked so hard to get to where he is now. When he started his Masters, Caleb was 2 months old. In those two years, we have bought a home, had another baby and he has been working full time. I have to say I am pretty impressed with myself too for handling it all and not having a nervous breakdown, ha ha! Anyone who has a husband who is studying can probably relate to the Saturdays alone with the children and the evenings on their own and trying to always be supportive whilst wishing it was all over with, ha ha! After the graduation there was a canape reception for all of the graduands. We stayed there for about 10 minutes before Seth said that he just wanted to be with the boys and to share the day with them so we met up with the fam and took photos in the pouring rain :).

That evening, Mum and Laura babysat while Seth and I went out for dinner and to the cinema to watch the new Avengers film (Seth's choice, not mine. For anyone who has seen it, you know the new Avengers headquarters at the end of the film? That is part of my university campus in Norwich. I have walked where Thor, Captain America and Iron Man have walked. I know you're impressed). We had a lovely evening and it was a wonderful end to a wonderful day.

(......By the way, I am going to share this blog post on Facebook. If you're going to comment on it, don't tag Seth in it because then he will know that I have written this post all about him and he probably won't love that, he's too humble for his own good, ha!)
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  1. This was such a wonderful day. Caleb was so excited about everything although he didn't fully understand that this was his Daddy's graduation. He enjoyed it all , the train, the underground even the wind and heavy rain. He knew that this was all so special. Congratulations to Seth who has worked and studied so hard over these past two or more years and to you Kirsty for being so supportive of Seth and your precious sons. Well done to you all.xx