Thursday, 18 June 2015

Park life

As it was half term a couple of weeks ago, my sister Lin and my nephew and niece, Sam and Caitlin came down to play with us! I don't really get to see them as much as I would like to, so it's always lovely when we are able to get together. It especially makes me happy to see Sam, Caitlin and Caleb playing together, I love seeing the cousins hanging out and although Caleb is quite a bit younger than them, he just loves being in their company and thinks that everything they do is amazing!

Lin and the family recently went on holiday to Utah and they bought Caleb a BYU t-shirt to match Sam's. When he saw it and saw that it was the same as the one Sam was wearing, he immediately started to try and take his own t-shirt off so that he could put on his new one, it was the sweetest thing!

We did the usual thing we do when we get together and went park hopping. We went to Hall Place first for a picnic. I have so many memories of Hall Place as it's where the family all used to go when I was little. We moved away from the area when I was 8 years old, so it's quite funny that I should end up being back down here and seeing Caleb get to experience some of the things and go to some of the places that I loved as a child. The kids were having great fun playing with a giant frisbee thing and we all had ice creams afterwards. You can just see how much Caleb was enjoying his!

From there, we went to a park in the village where my family used to live and after that, we went to the park close to where we live now. Sam, Cait and Caleb especially enjoyed going on the zipwire, we spent a long time playing on that. Who doesn't love a good zipwire?! It was so great to see how much they were enjoying themselves. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Yes, I know I put in a million pictures but with a family this lovely, it just has to be done, I'm afraid! :)
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