Wednesday, 27 July 2016

eighteen months

A couple of weeks ago,  the littlest love of my life turned 18 months old. I look at him and I can't believe that he is the tiny baby I held in my arms yesterday. Or, clearly not yesterday but seriously, I know it's been said time and time again but where does the time go? And why can't I pause it?!

I feel like I don't talk about Levi enough on here, so if you don't know him, let me fill you in on a few things!

My boy loved to cuddle. As long as he has his muslin and his dummy, he is all yours! He will lay his head on your shoulder and it is just the most amazing feeling.

He has a temper. If he doesn't get his own way, you know about it. He likes to scream and headbutt the floor so he pretty much always has a bruise on his head :(.

He is a charmer. He says hi to everyone and will wave to them. He just loves people and loves it even more when he can see how well they respond to him.

He has a love / hate relationship with Caleb. They are brothers, so they fight over toys, etc. and he gets pushed around a lot, being the little brother. However, he will also randomly go up to Caleb and give him cuddles and kisses.

He is the instigator. Do not even think about being the one to offer the cuddle or the hand to hold. He likes things to be on his terms and if you are going to get a cuddle from him, then he has to want to give it to you.

He loves music, singing and dancing. We always listen to music in the car and he sings along to the songs. He only has to hear music before he is dancing away!

He knows he is cute and I think that already he tries to use it to his advantage. I'm hoping that he grows out of that! Not the cuteness, but playing on it.

Levi is a Daddy's boy. If Seth is there, I do not even get a look in. He will choose Seth, all the way.

He gives my Mum more cuddles than he gives to anyone else. Just like Caleb, he absolutely adores his Grandma and isn't afraid to show it.

He likes to make people laugh. He knows when he does funny things and he will keep doing it to get the laughs.

He blesses the food. He folds his arms, mumbles something and then says amen. It is adorable!

There are so many more things about him which are adorable, loveable, infuriating, exhausting and so, so cute but I thought I would save you from a 10,000 word essay on it. Let's just say that I am pretty much in love with him and I am so glad that this little man is a part of our little tribe.

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