Thursday, 14 July 2016

Who wants to be a fireman?

A few weeks ago, our local fire station was hosting an Open Day where you could go and have a look around the station. We always drive past it on the way to Caleb's preschool and he has pointed it out every.single.morning on the journey. He also says each time, "that's where Peter works!" as our friend is a fireman. Caleb thinks it's really cool that he actually knows someone who is a fireman!

We went along to the Open Day and that place was packed. There were families everywhere, which was lovely to see. Caleb was so excited to be there, he is all boy in that he loves buses, trains, fire engines, etc. so this was like a dream come true for him. He got to climb onto an old school fire engine and ring the bell.

We waited in line for a long time for him to get to use the fire hose and he was so excited about it, he was literally bouncing up and down! His face when it was his turn was a picture, he was in his element! Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of it because I was too busy filming it.

He also got to sit inside a fire engine and pretend to drive it. I'm glad that he actually did it as we have seen fire engines in town a few times and when he has stopped to have a look, the firemen have always asked him if he had wanted to sit inside but he was a bit too freaked out about it so it's nice that he did it.

Caleb dressed up like a fireman too, he thought he was pretty cool and let's be honest, does he not look adorable?!

Levi was actually there too, in case you were wondering! It was so busy there that we kept him in his pram for most of the time but we did let him out for a little while when it started to calm down a bit, plus he got to walk back to the car holding Daddy's hand so the boy was in his element, little Daddy's boy that he is!

We were only there for an hour or so but it was definitely worth going there, especially as it was something that Caleb enjoyed so much and it was so lovely to see him so excited by it all! He left there saying that he wanted to be a fireman when he grows up so who knows?!

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