Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Baby Olivia's blessing

At the beginning of June, my great niece, Olivia was blessed. Yes, that's right, my niece's daughter! That makes me feel old, ha! Olivia is an absolutely gorgeous little baby and the blessing day was the first time I saw her. She has a perfect little face and lovely dark hair, she really is a little beauty. It was a lovely day as it meant that a lot of the family were all there together in one place and I always love a good family get together!

I got to have some cuddles with Olivia which was so nice! She seemed so tiny as I compare everyone to Levi, who is MY baby! My boys just loved her and Caleb kept going up to her to stroke her cheeks and hands.

Well, Caleb seemed to love her the most, Levi was just loving being able to run around wherever he wanted, ha!

Obviously as it was a family occasion, lots of photos needed to be taken so here are a few! Note the little line of sick running down Mum's arm ;)


About two seconds after that photo was taken of me and Olivia, she threw up all over my top, ha ha! I didn't even care, it's funny how now that I have my own children, babies throwing up on me just doesn't bother me like it would have done pre-motherhood!

It was a beautiful day so after church we had cake and drinks outside on the grass and just enjoyed being with each other. It was a lovely day.
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