Monday, 12 September 2016

Caleb turns 4!

Caleb turned 4 on the 20th July. He has been looking forward to being 4 for ages, as he is the youngest of most of his friends. He also has been wanting the game Hungry Hippos since January and I have managed to keep stalling by saying that he needs to be 4 before he can have it because that's what it says on the box!

The morning of his Birthday came and we went into his room, singing Happy Birthday to him. His response was, "thank you for my Birthday, I was waiting to be 4!". Bless him! He opened his present from Levi, which was a Cars bike helmet. He didn't pick up on the hint though and he had to go into the lounge and unveil his present to realise that it went with the Cars bike that we had bought him. He was pretty underwhelmed at first but once Seth had gone to work and Levi had gone down for a nap, he got a lot more excited about it and had a great time riding it around the lounge!

Mum came at lunch time and Caleb was so excited to see her, as always!  Her Birthday present for him was Hungry Hippos so needless to say, his little life was made! It was so fun watching him and Mum playing with it.

Once Levi was awake, we went to a new dessert place in town for some Birthday gelato, then we went to the park so that Caleb could ride his bike. I wasn't sure how well he would do considering he has never ridden a bike before. He had stabilisers which obviously makes life easier but I was amazed at how well he did. he was just off, no problems at all!

He absolutely loved being on his bike and had so much fun riding it. I had to keep running after him so it was a great workout for me too, ha ha! He must have cycled about two miles in total, I'm amazed that his little legs would allow him to do that much in one day!

It was such a fun day and Caleb was so excited the whole time, I'm so glad that he enjoyed his fourth Birthday.
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  1. I Love this boy and his take on the world!!