Wednesday, 2 November 2011

My Swedish Haven

No, we didn't go to Sweden for the weekend, but Ikea is good enough!

After our various weekend trips all over the place of late, we were actually at home last weekend. Which meant that we could finally go to Ikea! We'd been planning it for a little while as we wanted to get a bookcase for our spare room. I know we moved in two months ago, but as anyone who has stayed in our spare room since the move will confirm, it's still a mess. The rest of the house looks good, but the spare room, not so much. We still have 4 boxes in there to unpack, not to mention the general messiness and piles of stuff everywhere. So we thought we'd try to start putting it in order by getting our bookcase.

I know I sound a little too excited about going to Ikea but years ago before my sister Lindsay had the little ginger ones, we would have our annual easter trip to Lakeside to go shopping and then we would go to Ikea. I don't think we ever actually bought anything there, we just enjoyed looking around and seeing the things which we would like to have in our homes (I still lived at home at the time, but there is nothing wrong with planning ahead!). I was quite surprised at the speed at which we managed to get into Ikea, get the bookcase and then leave again. Fair enough, we did go there a few weeks ago and spend a couple of hours there so I can't complain. Seth was pretty funny as we were making our way to the checkout with the bookcase on the trolley as he was pretty much riding on it as he was pushing it along. Another man looked at him enviously and commented, "I wish I could do that on our trolley but it keeps going off at an angle and I would probably end up crashing". Such big kids!

Saturday night was spent assembling the bookcase. Well, with Seth assembling it, I was just supporting from the sidelines, although I did help every now and then! Once it was up, we managed to unpack one of our boxes of books and put them in their rightful place on the shelf. And now we are one step closer to getting the spare room sorted. I know you're thinking that it's a bit tragic that this would actually warrant a blog post and you're probably right. It's the little things :).


  1. me and katie have been there many i time :-). lovely place.

  2. You didn't mention what you told me you were doing while Seth was putting together the bookcase "I'm parading around admiring my shoes" hahaha!

  3. Funnily enough I forgot to mention that part! :)