Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Playing with the Booths

Our friends Anna and Phil came to stay with us for the weekend. We were so excited about them coming down as they are two of our best friends from Lancaster. Being as though we used to hang out all the time when we lived there, we miss them a lot and it felt like we hadn't seen them for ages! In reality it's only been just over a month but it still counts!

On Saturday we went into London to play. Being as though we only live about 20 minutes train journey away from London, it had to be done. I love that we live so close to the city, it's so nice to have it all right on our doorstep. Since we moved we've actually only managed to get into London at the weekend a couple of times so it was nice to be there on Saturday with Anna and Phil. We wandered around London Bridge for a little while and they saw the area where Seth spent 9 weeks doing his internship (they moved office locations when he got the job so he now works in a different part of London). I love the area, it's very modern as there has been a lot of redevelopment and there are a lot of new offices and restaurants. I didn't take any of these photos but I love them so I thought I'd use them:
This was the office where Seth was based during his internship

Last year for our anniversary, I went down to London and Seth and I went for dinner at one of the restaurants there (you can just about see it behind the fountains in the top right picture). It had floor to ceiling windows and mirrors on every wall where there wasn't a window so regardless of where you were sitting, you could see Tower Bridge. I really loved it and I love the atmosphere of the area as well.

We headed over to Westminster to see Big Ben and then after that, to another one of my favourite areas of London - South Kensington. I always dream that I will live in one of the properties there but until we are billionaires, that's just not going to happen. Still, there's nothing wrong with dreaming! We ate lunch there and then headed in to the Natural History Museum. I think we were in there for a few hours, there is so much to see! We didn't do it all as it would have taken forever but we enjoyed taking it all in. I especially enjoyed the dinosaur exhibition, for some reason, it fascinates me. It also made me think of my niece, Tor and my friend, Naomi, who sing about dinosaurs and think that they should bring out Jurassic Park: The Musical. Those two are crazy when they get together! I took this photo of Phil while we were at the museum. It amused me. Yeah, I have the mentality of a 5 year old.
We could have stayed in London for longer but after we finished at the museum, we were all pretty tired so we decided to head home and get takeaway. We are all pretty indecisive people so it actually took a while to decide whether we would get Chinese or Pizza delivery.
We ended up going with pizza, which was very tasty too, I might add! We watched "Thor" while we ate. I've seen it before and I have to say, it's really not my type of film, but there is good eye candy so it makes it bearable!

On Sunday we went to church and then when we got home, we didn't really have that much time so we had lunch and then walked Anna and Phil to the train station. It was so lovely getting to see them again, we're looking forward to the next time already!


  1. "but there is good eye candy so it makes it bearable" could well be the funniest part of the entire post :)

  2. Well, there is :) I was tempted to put a picture on here but then thought it would be taking it a bit far. I'm sure Tamsin would love the film though!

  3. Kirsty, just wondered what shape Seth would be in if he said he had seen 'eye candy'. Ha ha. Sue K. Don't try it Seth.