Friday, 6 January 2012

Family playtime

The lovely Sam and Caitlin got remote control cars for Christmas and Steve got a remote control helicopter (which my brothers-in-law Luke and Mark also got - not from me, I hasten to add!). They were eager to play with their new toys in a space bigger than the living room so on the Tuesday after Christmas, we headed down to our church building to play in the hall. We also played other games while we were all there such as rounders, dodgeball and bulldog. Sadly, Seth was ill at stayed in bed at Mum's but the rest of us had fun playing together. Here are a few pictures.

Jess and Cait having some down time
Lining up for bulldog. It was very intense.

Laura trying on Cait's t-shirt.


  1. Sam and Caitlin with their remote controlled cars, Steve with his remote controlled helicopter -----Great fun . Not to mention all the ball games inbetween times.!

  2. Cait's t-shirt has never been the same since! It was so much fun! And so funny when the kitchen hatch went up and there was caitlin! But we did miss Seth. there is no substitute for Seth! x