Friday, 6 January 2012

Hanging with the Mannings

See what I did there? Trying to go for the whole rhyming thing. It doesn't really work very well but if we can just overlook that then I shall crack on!

Having been with my family for a few days over Christmas, we then went up to see Seth's family. They only live an hour away from my family so it's not too far to travel. Seth is one of 7 children so it's always fun when the family is together over Christmas. Seth's eldest brother and his wife were not there as they live in California (lucky for some!), but we got to speak with them on skype which was nice.

On one of the evenings we played games together - a killer game of uno (I couldn't keep up and just tried to pretend that I know what was happening, but they are seriously fierce! It's a case of survival of the fittest. Sadly that does not include me, although having said that, I didn't lose so that's something at least!) and an after dinner game which was just random general knowledge questions about music, literature, etc. We played boys vs girls, which always gets pretty competitive :). I think we lost by one point, but we glossed over that very quickly!

Sarah mutli-tasking - taking pictures, doing her assignment and playing games.
Shuffling a big fat pack of uno cards isn't as easy at it looks!

Look at April's face - see? I told you playing games with the Mannings is fierce!
Too many goodlooking boys in one family. The one in the middle of the picture is the best :)

The next day, Seth's sister, her husband Michael and their children all came over. They arrived when Seth and I were still getting ready and although we could hear them, they weren't running wild or anything, they were just playing and having fun. Then Uncle Seth arrives and that all changes!

He just had the three of them on him at this point, all four were wrestling with him later. He gets them completely hyped up and they can't get enough of it! I worry for when we have children, I know Seth will be an amazing Dad but our kids are going to be crazy!

We were only with the family for a few days and most of them had left in the time that we were there but it was a lot of fun being with them all. Seth's family is pretty spread out and most of them live in different parts of the country so it was lovely being able to spend time with them all in one place. I feel very blessed to have married into such a great family.


  1. Very cool had a great Christmas. It was good to see everyone.

  2. It looks like you all had agreat time together. Families are so special.