Thursday, 5 January 2012

I'll be home for Christmas

Seth and I have been married for nearly two and a half years. Having spoken with some of my married friends, they were really looking forward to spending Christmas together, just the two of them. Seth and I do love spending time together, of course, but for us a huge part of Christmas is getting to share it with our families. We went home on Friday morning, leaving pretty early so that we arrived at my house in good time. It was lovely to see Mum and Laura again. We only saw them a couple of weeks ago when we came home for Mum's Birthday but it was lovely to see them anyway!

Christmas Day was wonderful. We got up at around 7.00am to open presents. I did take photos of it and no, they're not going on here because who really wants to see photos of us with messy hair, no make up and in our pjs? Not a pretty sight to behold! We then went to church. I was wondering if many people would be there or if they would have stayed home today but it was lovely to see how many people were there. There were a lot of friends who we have not seen for years. I love how everyone comes home for Christmas, it's so nice to see the familiar faces again!

We went to my eldest sister, Deb's house for Christmas dinner. There were quite a few of us there, which always adds to the fun of it all. Deb made quite a feast which was delicious.
 After dinner, we had fun watching everyone opening their presents. The funniest person to watch would have to be my nephew, Jamie, who is three years younger than me. To look at him, he dresses very well, he's pretty trendy and he gets on really well with everyone. But when you look at him, you wouldn't think that he is also a huge Michael Buble fan and has read every Jane Austen book! His recent love is antiques. It was great to see his reaction when he unwrapped his silver candelabra and his silver bonbon dish. The rest of us were looking on and just laughing to see how excited he was with those two presents, it was hilarious!

After the presents, we played, "who am I?". Deb had to ask questions to find out who she was and the person she had to guess actually ended up being her. It was pretty amusing seeing her try to figure it out.

When we left Deb's, we all headed over to Lin and Steve's to see them and the kids. I love having all of the family together. Caitlin was overjoyed that Seth was there and was playing with him for a while. There were about 5 different conversations going on at once, as there always is when we all get together, it's just fun listening to it all and taking it all in.

It has been a really fun Christmas, and I maintain that Christmas spent with the family is definitely the best.


  1. What a wonderful time that was for all of us. We juat love being all together. Even though Seth was not very well he was brilliant at playing all the family games etc. He is just so great. What wonderful sons-in-law I have (and daughters and grandchildren of course !!!!!)

  2. I LOVE it when we're all together!