Friday, 22 June 2012

my major mishap


I'm not a hugely clumsy person. When it comes to tripping up and stuff, yeah I do that a lot and probably even more so since being pregnant. Seth often reminds me to be careful because I'm balancing for two now. But in terms or general clumsiness, such as dropping things, I'm not too bad at that, or no worse than most people I suppose.

On Sunday evening, we had a dessert party at our house. So on Sunday afternoon when we got home from church, I set about making brownies. Seriously, don't be impressed, they were packet mix brownies. So really, there was not a great deal of making involved, just adding water, oil and an egg. Anyone who was at our wedding knows from all of the speeches that my culinary abilities are far from outstanding and sadly they haven't greatly improved in our almost three years of marriage. It's on my list of things to do.

Everything was going well and going to plan. We had a bit of time before our friends arrived so all was well. I put the brownies in the oven and then as I reached up into the cupboard to put the vegetable oil away, it slipped out of my hand, hit the work surface and the bottle exploded. Everywhere. I called out for Seth to come and help me and when he saw it, he laughed more than somewhat but then helped me to clean up. We were both laughing about it, although I couldn't believe that I had dropped it. Now, when I say it had exploded, the bottle was still intact but the lid had come off. You really wouldn't think it could cause that much mess, would you? Anyone who has been to our house knows that our kitchen is tiny so it wouldn't take much for it to be covered, but it was quite literally covered in oil. The work surfaces (including the one on the other side of the kitchen), the dish rack, the sink, the walls, the fridge, the cupboards, the windows, our orchid, the floors, the washing machine. So pretty mucy everything in the kitchen that could have been covered in oil was. Seth started to clean the floor and then walked into the lounge to do something, which resulted in oily footprints going from our kitchen to the lounge so I was down on my hands and knees with the cleaner, trying to sort it out. Every time we thought that we had finished cleaning, we would look and just see more oil! And it's really not the easiest of things to clean up either. I laughed at how ironic it was that even though I was making packet mix brownies, I still managed to make a huge mess! I think that really it was some sort of punishment because I was taking shortcuts and not making something from scratch. The culinary Gods must be trying to tell me something. Since it happened, Seth will be eating something and he'll say, "this doesn't taste quite right, I think it has oil on it". He thinks it's hilarious, cheeky monkey. Any time I see a spot of water somewhere in the kitchen, I touch it to make sure it's not some of the oil that I had missed. Luckily we had actually managed to clean it all up though!

Despite my mishap, we still had a lovely evening and the brownies tasted quite good too. Thank you Betty Crocker.


  1. Kirsty, that is hilarious,!! I can just imagine Seth's reaction. He has such a wonderful sense of humour and he doesn't make a drama of anything. You are such a brilliant, well matched young couple.

  2. How did I miss this before!!! Hilarious!