Tuesday, 19 June 2012


You thought I'd had the baby already didn't you? Just to put your minds at ease, I've not had it yet but am due in less than 4 weeks now! I know that in reality it will probably be late so I'm trying not to dwell on the whole due date thing too much! Although I say that now, you just watch me getting impatient when the baby takes its own sweet time to make its grand entrance into the world!

On Saturday night, my friend Katie and I headed over to our friend Naomi's house for a girl's night with her and one of our other friends, Emma. When we got there, Katie walked into the lounge first and I heard a huge chorus of "SURPRISE!". They then realised that I hadn't come around into the lounge at quite the same time so they did it again when I walked in which was pretty funny. We thought we were just there for a girls night but it turns out that it was our baby shower! Neither of us had any idea at all. It was such a fun evening with lovely food, great people and fun games. We played a game where we had a little plastic baby in a big block of ice and we had to see whose baby would be "born" first, ie. who could melt their ice the fastest. We also had three clothes pegs each and we weren't allowed to say the names "Kirsty" or "Katie" or to say the word baby and if we did, the person who noticed could steal one of our pegs. Katie was amazing at that game and I think she wound up with around 9 pegs by the end of the evening. People also wrote on baby vest shaped pieces of paper to guess the dates our baby would be born, whether it would be a boy or a girl and how much they would weigh. According to that, my baby is going to be late, it's going to be a boy and will be about 8 and a half pounds. Time will tell I suppose! Katie got mostly girl guesses. She is due 3 weeks before me, so she is 38 weeks pregnant now and I guess due any time really!

I have no photos of the evening sadly as I didn't have my camera with me, but I took a picture of one of the cupcakes:


The eyes are slightly smudged due to me not transporting it home very well! Actually, there was another cupcake on top of that one which is why it is smudged and the icing went a bit funny but I ate that one before I had a chance to take a picture of both of them together, they were really tasty!

People were very generous and got us both some lovely gifts, I feel very spoiled on behalf of our baby! It was such a lovely, unexpected evening and so kind of Naomi to organise it all for us.

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  1. How kind of everyone to do that for you and so kind of Naomi to arrange it all. That must have been a wonderful surprise!!