Saturday, 9 June 2012

Our weekend with Lin and Steve

A couple of weeks ago, Lin and Steve came down to spend the weekend with us. We had said for ages that it would be really nice for the four of us to have a weekend together and that we would have to arrange something but between Rachel's wedding and Seth's exams, it had been put on the back burner. We were really pleased when we finally managed to arrange it and it was lovely to have them with us!

I say that we wanted the four of us to have a weekend together but it didn't exactly work out that way! Seth and Steve decided to go to the other side of London to a batting cage. I don't think that there are many of them in the country and both of them were quite keen so they did that, while Lin and I went to Lakeside and Ikea. A few years ago we went there together and it became our tradition for a couple of years. Then Sam and Caitlin were born and it kind of stopped, so it was really nice to be able to do it again and just to have some nice girlie time (which also consisted of blended shakes and krispy kreme donuts. sometimes these things just have to be done!). Both of us were actually quite disciplined and we didn't go crazy with our spending! I bought a few pregnancy / maternity bits which were more needful things than fun things, but I still found it exciting. There are times when I still can't quite get my head around the fact that we are having a baby pretty soon!

Being in Ikea was a lot of fun, I love it there and always plan exactly how I would want our (okay, my) dream house to look. They have a way of laying things out there that I just want to buy everything in there. Hats off to the visual merchandising team, they do a good job!

We met up with the boys for dinner. It was hearing about their day and their experience of the baseball batting cage, both of them had slight sunburn and blisters on their hands! (it was a scorching weekend and that was also why I was glad to be in Lakeside and Ikea - normally I love the sun and the heat but being 30+ weeks pregnant, I am finding it a little more uncomfortable than I would usually!) They both really enjoyed it though. I love seeing the two of them together, they get on so well, which of course, both Lins and I are thrilled about.

On Sunday we went to church together then they came back here for lunch and then they left to go home. The weekend went by so quickly but I am so glad that we finally managed to have them down to stay with us.

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  1. It looks like you all had a great time and and for Steve and Seth to have "boy's time" and you and Lin to have "girlie time" well, that is just perfect !!!!