Friday, 5 April 2013

It doesn't happen often.... fact, it hasn't happened since Caleb was born, but today I actually had a lay in! A mother to a son of 8 months shouldn't be able to have such things surely?! The reason for this is that Seth is off work this week, which I am thrilled about. He works crazily hard at his job, for his Masters degree and in his church assignments and so it is lovely this week that he isn't working or studying and Caleb and I get him all to ourselves!

This morning was really great, I actually slept in until 10am! I am pretty fortunate in that I am a very heavy sleeper. Unfortunately for Seth, he isn't, which means that when Caleb cries in the night, by the time I have even woken up, Seth will have gone in to see him, comfort him and will be back in bed. Apparently he did this at around 4 this morning and I took my turn at 7.30. I know, you're probably thinking that I'm a terrible mother for not getting up with Caleb there and then but he was happy enough at that point and if I can buy a few extra moments in bed, then I will :).

Seth and I didn't get to bed until around 2.30 this morning as he is painting Caleb's bedroom at the moment and he was on a roll and didn't want to stop. We were both pretty wrecked, but this morning, Seth got up with Caleb. When I began to get up as well, he told me he had it covered and to go back to sleep. It would have been rude of me not to comply with his wishes so I did as I was told! Seth took care of everything, he bathed, dressed and fed Caleb, put on a load of washing and was washing up by the time I got out of bed. It felt so luxurious to actually be able to sleep in, it was brilliant! I once read somewhere whilst a lot of wives and mothers love to receive flowers from their husbands (I like that too - lilies are my favourites. Seth bought me some a couple of weeks ago. Yes, I am spoiled), there comes a time when it means just as much, if not more to have a husband that will encourage the wife to relax while he looks after the children and takes care of various household jobs. I agree with that! And I feel very blessed to not only have a great husband, but for Caleb to have such a great Dad too.


  1. I agree! The things Steve does for me mean so much more than flowers - although flowers are nice too! Of course I am at the stage where my littlies get up and amuse themselves until we are up! So this holiday I have had a lie in every day! It IS lovely and i'm glad you got yours - you deserve it! xx

  2. This is so nice! Your husband has mad crazy golf skills and he's lovely! :P I can imagine that lie-in was amazing!!

  3. You are such a wonderful couple. Seth is AMAZING as a husband and Daddy. He is also a brilliant son-in-law Love you three so much xxx