Tuesday, 23 April 2013


Yes, I like scrabble so much that it warrants its own post and I am not ashamed of this fact!

I think my earliest memory of playing scrabble would be when I was a lot younger and we would all be playing it as a family. I would always be on Mum's team, which essentially meant that I sat there looking at her letters and didn't really do much else because I was just that rubbish. However, over time I actually got to play without being on Mum's team.When I was living at home, most Sunday evenings would consist of a game of scrabble with Mum and Laura. A lot of the time one of us would be repeating (okay, mainly me) "don't go in my place, don't go in my place" as we (I) would see an ideal place to put the amazing word I had. When I got married, Seth and I continued this tradition of Sunday night scrabble. We don't play every Sunday evening, but often on a Sunday once Caleb is in bed and all the washing up is done, we'll get out the scrabble board and play.

Playing with Seth is always entertaining. I have never known someone who can take so long to play a word. Which brings me to the scrabble game a couple of weeks ago. Seth was able to get all of his letters out, which I know this because I looked at his letters. He wouldn't let me say where he could get them out and with what word, so I stayed quiet. For a little while, then I told him where and with what word. It was on a triple word score as well (goodness only knows why I was helping him when I wanted to win!). However, Seth hates it when I help and so after a few seconds of deliberating, he decided that he wouldn't play his word there. There was also another place where he could get all of his letters out. Again, I told him, but didn't tell him where. He took HALF AN HOUR to figure out where it was he could play and with what word. We were really laughing about it and I haven't let him live it down!

Last week we played scrabble and I got the Z quite early on in the game. I couldn't play "zoo" (let's face it, everyone thinks of "zoo" first if they get the Z!) as I didn't have any O's. I did, however, have FREEZIN. Seth had a G. I was pretty pleased when he decided to use the G in a place where I could get all of my letters out.

I got 92 points! I may have done a little celebratory dance. How many of you are actually checking that it does actually add up to 92 right now? 

So, this post is pretty much me celebrating doing well in a game of scrabble. Praise me.


  1. Ah Kirsty . Well done. When Laura comes home we still play scrabble on sunday evenings. We had fun times when you girls were still at home and scrabble and music played a HUGE part So Kirsty definitely praise to you for that amazing score.. xx

  2. i do love scrabble, since i was young i usually play scrabble with my aunties..i love watching them specially i have gained a lot of helpful tips